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French Lessons in London

If learning Le Français has been on your bucket list forever, make this the year when you actually take on the language of love. Whether you want to understand what your beau sometimes mutters, or you’d like to get a job that requires bilingual skills, you’ve landed in the right place.


Facts About French In London

  • With Paris so closeby, it’s no surprise that there are thousands of people from France studying and working in London. The French consulate estimates that there are 270,000 citizens in London. The UK census, however, records 86,000 nationals in the city. With the free movement of EU nationals, it’s difficult to arrive at a precise figure.
  • London has sometimes been referred to as France’s 6th biggest city. This is because of the high number of francophones that reside in its boroughs. Many immigrants from Africa speak the language too.


French hotspots in London

  • French people are dispersed all over London but South Kensington has a particular Gallic influence. It is an area unofficially referred to as Little France or the French Quarter. The French Consulate, the Lycée Français (a predominantly French day school) and the French Institute can all be found here.
  • On this side of town, there is also a francophone enclave in Ealing.
  • Today, French nationals choose to live in the East End because it is a creative hub. Previously, the Protestant Huguenots escaped France in the 17th Century after being persecuted for their faith. They called their exodus La Refuge, which is where the word refugee comes from. Many streets around Spitalfields Market thus have French names.
  • Brixton is also home to a fair number of francophones


London language lessons beyond the classroom

Firstly, L’Institut Français is a must-visit for Francophiles. There are many cultural offerings including wine tastings, a multi-media library and film screenings at the Lumière. The library, which also has a digital platform, contains the biggest free-access collection of French material in the UK.

Buy a croissant and skim-read the institute’s events calendar for the latest goings-on. Try subtly eavesdropping on cafe conversations to get a handle on the progress you’ve made.

If you enjoy reading then there are two bookshops on Bute Street that are absolutely magnifique. Pop in to further your skills. Au Fil Des Mots also hosts art exhibitions and musical concerts.

In Soho, swing by Maison Bertaux, the oldest French patisserie in London. Not only can you get a pain au chocolat but you can also enjoy the establishment’s Theatre Club which produces plays in the language.  Further delight your senses by giving French Radio London a listen for everything Franco-British and contemporary.

Another popular event is Bastille Day on the 14th of July. France’s national day celebrations at Borough Market are not to be missed. There’s an assortment of fun activities to participate in including portrait drawings, snail races, street performances and pétanque, a French sport similar to lawn bowls. And if all the above just won’t do, hop on the Eurostar and go to Paris. It’s only a couple of hours away!

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Rype is the ultimate in language-learning convenience. We bring one-on-one language lessons in London to you via Skype, anywhere and practically anytime.


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We cater to all proficiency levels. Most of our students are total beginners and go on to be adept at their chosen language. We achieve this through immersive teaching methods. Individual lessons enable teachers to focus on students and their particular interests, strengths, and weaknesses.

We focus not just on grammar, but on the important skills of speaking and listening. Tutors coax students into conversations, and consistent interaction leads to rapid progress. Because you’ll have regular contact with a native level speaker, your pronunciation will be on point and your fluency will greatly improve. As a result, if you do eventually decide to board a ferry to cross the channel, you won’t flounder when you get to the other side.


Passionate teachers

Our London French tutors could be based anywhere from Marseille to Monte Carlo. What they all have in common is experience, a cheerful disposition, and the know-how to help you achieve your objectives.

You have the option to try out a few of our teachers during a trial period. You can then settle on one or two who particularly appeal to your learning style.

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