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Italian Lessons in London

There probably isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t like pizza or pasta. But exactly how many people understand the names given to Italian dishes or the regional history and context behind them though? Apart from being famous for its delicious food, Italy is also known for its rich artistic and architectural heritage. These are celebrated the world over as Italian inspiration can be found everywhere, especially in a cosmopolitan city like London.

With Milan being just a two-hour flight away, Italian Lessons in London are a convenient way to learn the language of the mafia. Also, if all this talk of food has made you hungry, the true birthplace of pizza (Napoli) isn’t too far out either!


Facts About Italian In London

  • Italians have been living in Britain since the age of the Roman empire, so there is actually a longstanding historic link between the two countries
  • With the historic influence of the Roman Catholic Church, London is home to many churches modeled on Italian architecture (like St. Peter’s Church)
  • As a popular international center of trade and commerce, London has a considerable number of Italian-born residents. 62,050 according to the 2011 census


Top Italian speaking places in London

Over the centuries, many citizens of Italy have emigrated to the UK. This is largely because after the Napoleonic and Second World Wars ended, Italian prisoners of war remained in the country.

As skilled artisans, many citizens of Italy have also set up shop in the city over the centuries and given their names to areas like Lombard Street in the financial district. Although certain areas have evolved over the years, you can still find a considerable amount of Italian heritage in places like Little Italy in Clerkenwell. Originally this was a predominant area for Italianos towards the end of the 19th century.

Many traces of their influence can still be seen today. From a local driving school to the city’s first delicatessen, Terroni, culture is around every corner. Other than that, Italian-born residents can be found in many other parts of the city too.


Experience Italian in the city

As mentioned above, areas like Little Italy are the perfect place to find people to speak with and practice your skills outside of the classroom.

In addition to this, you can also expand your knowledge of the history and culture by visiting the British Italian Society and art museum. Alternatively, you could settle in to watch a film at a Cinema Italia UK event.

One of the most famous examples of pop culture from the country is opera. So why not test your understanding by going to see a show hosted by local arts organization Popup Opera? To get a real taste of Italy, you could also visit a traditional Italian restaurant. Here, Italian-born residents (who often work there) can give you the inside scoop (sometimes literally) on all of the dishes and where they come from, for example, Paesan.

For a more informal dining experience and to get an appreciation of a true family-run business, you can also visit E Pellicci Cafe in Bethnal Green.

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