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Chinese Lessons in London

At Rype we want to help you become the best version of yourself. There are endless reasons for learning a new language, and it is a valuable skill that can be applied in all sorts of unexpected scenarios. We aim to get you in a position in which you can comfortably converse, read, and write Chinese – and all in record time!

Professional? Personal? Pleasure? We cater to all types of clients looking for Chinese lessons in London. Our tuition is catered to you as an individual and stems from your own proficiency level.

London is an incredible place to start learning a new language, being one of the most diverse cities in the world. It also has a huge Chinese population that has helped sculpt London into the city we love today. Let your journey begin now!


Chinese Facts In London

  • 33% of ethnically Chinese people currently residing in the UK are based in London
  • Approximately 1.5% of the city’s population is Chinese – that’s roughly 120,250 inhabitants

London has a huge annual celebration for Chinese New Year. It actually the largest event of its kind outside Asia itself. Each year a vibrant, fun, colorful parade sets off from Charing Cross Road, sporting the traditional lion and dragon dance.

Meanwhile, Leicester Square is bursting with food stalls and craft workshops. There are any number of activities available, which are all the more enjoyable if you can speak the language. We at Rype can help you there!

Nestled between a bustling Covent Garden and an edgy Soho is London’s very own Chinatown! Here you can find any number of delicious restaurants or stunning architectural design. Our very own London Chinese tutors recommend this for practicing your newly acquired linguistic skills. The city’s vast Chinese demographic also admit that not even the tourists can take away from this genuine cultural hotspot!


Major Chinese speaking areas of London

The prevailing existence of a Chinese community in London has seen the population planting seeds in all corners of England’s capital. The following are useful areas to test out the efficiency of our Chinese classes in London. Each of which has their own community center!

  • Barnet (arguably majority of the Chinese population reside here)
  • Camden
  • Hackney
  • Islington
  • Lambeth
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Haringey

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About Our Mandarin Lessons In London

Our company does things differently. Not only are we in tune with modern technology for maximum convenience, but we also help you fit linguistic learning into even the busiest of schedules! We can offer you many guaranteed benefits for learning your new language with us in London:


Individual convenience with fast results

Each of our members receives one-one-one tuition throughout their course. This individually focused tuition helps you pick up the language faster and more conveniently.

Not convinced? Our legacy of live immersion learning is backed up with science! Studies show that live immersion learning results in a 75% rate of retention. With apps boasting just 20%, and group lectures barely scraping 5% that’s leaps ahead of the rest.


Easy to use platform

Learning takes place on our online platform at nearly any time of day! This way there’s no need to worry about time constraints as the tutors can be reached from any time between 4:00 am through until midnight Eastern Standard Time.


Affordable learning

Our lessons are affordable. This is because our tutors do not have to commute, nor do we have the high running costs of a language center.

Don’t just save money, save time too! London Chinese lessons can be taken wherever is most convenient, be that work, home or even just a coffee shop. Save yourself from the time-consuming commute and sign up today!


World class teachers

Each of our tutors is handpicked for their special qualities and have years of experience under their belt. They can all boast a minimum of 5 years teaching experience, tertiary training, and of course agreeableness.

The subtleties of a language and it’s cultural nuances are things that can only be grasped from a native speaker. You can choose the one who suits you best from a broad selection, followed up with some trial sessions. Our tutors are global professionals, who know their language inside and out!

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Whether you’re simply looking for a refresher, or are a rookie to the language, we can provide you with efficient tuition. Learning a language is a great way to connect with the people who share your city, and we wish to support any person wanting to bridge the gap.

England’s capital city has treasured Chinese culture since the first wave of immigrants arrived in the 19th century. Since they initially settled in the Soho area, the need for linguists and communicators has grown. Be a pioneer of globalization and sign up to us today. With our seven day trial, you will soon be well on the way to accomplishing your goals!

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