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Spanish Lessons in London

With London being such a multicultural city, learning the world’s 4th most spoken language is a great thing to do here. Spanish can often be heard around the streets of England’s capital, and learning to speak it could be life-changing.

Through using our language learning app your language goals can come true. Our online platform gives you the tools to make Spanish classes in London easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

With such effective and results-focused lessons, learning a new language with us could not get any simpler. So sign up for your free trial to start learning. You will be speaking the language like a pro in no time.


Facts About Spanish In London

  • 40% of all Spanish people in the UK live in London
  • It is the second most commonly spoken non-official language in the city
  • The city has around 71,192 resident Spanish speakers


Taking lessons beyond the classroom in London

If you are taking Spanish lessons in London with Rype, there are many ways to keep on practicing your skills away from your lessons. As London is a multi-lingual city with a growing Latino population, there are some great places to put your vocabulary to the test.

The British Spanish Society is based in London. This organization promotes Spanish customs, language, history, institutions, and lifestyle. Whether you join them for a food and wine tasting, a film screening, or an exhibition visit, you will be immersed in the language.

Take a visit to the Pueblito Paisa market in north London. This vibrant market is home to an authentic Latin American community that sells traditional food and plays their proud music. A stop here will allow you to fall right into a completely Spanish speaking environment. Try to order your food and chat with the locals in Español, it will really help you to practice your vocabulary while soaking in some culture.

The Portobello Spanish festival is another exciting way to celebrate Hispanic culture and tradition. This vibrant festival combines authentic Spanish cuisine, shopping, flamenco dancing, musical performances, and of course a whole lot of the language. Essentially it is an enjoyable place to learn more about Español.

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Benefits Of Taking Spanish Lessons In London With Rype 


Convenient learning

We offer lessons that suit your lifestyle. Through our online platform, London Spanish lessons can be taken wherever and whenever you want. As we offer same day availability, you can quickly schedule your lessons when you want to take them.

All of our lessons are 30 minutes and conducted over the internet. This means that they can be slotted into your lifestyle as you please. No more rushing to the classroom and waiting around for others, on our platform every lesson is scheduled by you.


Immersive learning

When learning a new language, it is important to get the right amount of focus and attention on your conversational and pronunciation skills. That is why we only offer 1-on-1 classes in order to put the focus entirely on you.

This means that learning with us is more in-depth and personal. Your classes with us will be more efficient due to the stronger teacher-student relationship and focus. Through this, you are given more opportunity to practice speaking and conversing in the lingua franca.



Taking lessons on our platform gives you an all-access membership where you can learn 7 other languages. Not only this, but there are also maths and science tutors available too. Through our competitively priced daily rates, learning a language is significantly cheaper through us. Our personalized lessons also allow for shorter learning time and faster results.  


Top quality tutors

Our London Spanish tutors really are a step above the rest. We choose them carefully for their strong language skills, education, teaching abilities, and personalities. The first step towards quality learning is a great teacher. At Rype we make sure to have this covered.

A great feature of our online lessons is that you get to choose your own tutor. This means that your own learning needs and personality can be met with the ideal tutor of your choice. Having the right teacher for you also means that learning will be easier and more fun.


Personalized lessons

As the lessons are all 1-on-1, they are entirely focused on you. Your tutor will discuss all of your learning goals and needs so they are taken into consideration before starting your language journey.

Through choosing your own tutor, own schedule, and having the entire lesson based around you, learning with us is entirely personal. These customized lessons achieve greater results.

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