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German Lessons in London

London is the capital of England and also the United Kingdom, which makes it a tourist and business traveler’s hotspot. Most Londoners will most likely meet German-speaking people several times throughout their lives. Seeing that it is also one of the most popular European languages and the mother tongue of more than 100 million people globally, it makes sense to take German lessons in London through Rype.

Combining our accessible teaching platform with the UK’s Germanic cultural events will have you speaking the language in no time. Furthermore, everyone is important to us. That’s why we accommodate students of all proficiency levels and provide personalized tuition that fits your unique schedule.


Facts About German In London

  • Deutsche falls under the top 20 most common languages spoken in the United Kingdom, with up to 77,000 Londoners speaking it fluently.
  • In 2015 alone, up to 0.6% of Uk Google searches were conducted in the language.
  • Although English is the predominant language in the UK, German is still the most common mother tongue in Europe.
  • Londoners love to celebrate Oktoberfest every year, which gives you a chance to dip your toes in Bavarian culture.

A distinct Germanic presence has always been present in the UK, from as early as the middle ages. Both merchants and refugees helped to spread the Deutsche-speaking community. By the 1800s this community included scientists, businessmen, and political refugees with the largest occupational group located in East London.

In the late 1800s, the largest German residential area was in Stepney which was known then as Little Germany. The Deutsche-speaking community, along with its own unique institutions, became smaller with the dawn of the twentieth century. However, you can still see many Germanic influences alive and well when walking the streets of the British capital today.

Subsequently, there are many culturally preserved institutions in the city that still ministers to the Germans. Churches like St. Boniface’s Catholic Church, the German Historical Institute, or the Goethe-Institut will all provide you with a rich history and keep you up to date concerning cultural, social and political norms and traditions.

Visiting these historic institutions can help you to not only get a deeper understanding of the Deutsche language but also help you to understand the unique Germanic culture. When traveling through Europe, fluency in English’s relative can help you to communicate effortlessly no matter where you are. We can help you to reach your language acquisition goals in record time so you can explore any area with confidence.


Learning a language In London: Beyond the Classroom

Interacting with unique environments and other Deutsche-speaking individuals provide a fun and effortless avenue for learning new languages. The city is a melting pot of unique cultures thanks to a continual influx of tourists, immigrants, and business travelers.

Many of the German cultural traditions are widely celebrated throughout the UK. As a result, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sharpen up your language skills outside of the classroom. Oktoberfest is celebrated throughout the British capital each year along with plenty of meetups which are organized by Deutsche-speaking individuals.

The resident expat community in London also loves to converse in German beer houses, bakeries, and restaurants. After placing your order in Deutsche, The Bavarian Beerhouse and Backhaus will provide you with the freshest baked goods and refreshments commonly found in their country.

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