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Japanese Lessons in London

Moving to Tokyo in the not-so-distant future? Or maybe you’re meeting your Japanese partner’s family soon? Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn, our Japanese Lessons in London are only a few steps away.

Bring along your eagerness to learn, and we’ll put you with a stellar tutor who will rapidly advance your skills. Our immersive approach to learning and convenient 30-minute lessons will fit easily into your schedule. Furthermore, it all comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom-based lessons.


Facts About Japanese In London

  • The Japanese have had a presence in London since the 1860s. They first established an embassy to Europe here in 1862.
  • In 1863, Chōshū han elders sponsored five bright students to study at University College London. Their departure was technically illegal and shrouded in secrecy due to a seclusion policy in their homeland. Nevertheless, the Chōshū Five became the first of many Japanese nationals to study in the English capital and at Oxbridge.
  • By 1884, the arrival of trading companies such as Mitsui and Co led to there being approximately 264 registered Japanese residents in the city. With the onset of the Anglo-Japanese alliance in 1902, the population rose to 1871 people.
  • A century later, Nippon companies in the car industry used London as a springboard for doing business in Europe. In 1994, 38 000 of the 54 415 expats in the UK hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun were based in Greater London.
  • The 2011 Census found that 17 050 people in London spoke the language natively.  


Prominent Japanese areas of London

  • Acton
  • Finchley
  • Croydon
  • Ealing
  • Golders Green
  • Hampstead
  • St John’s Wood
  • Camden
  • Brent
  • Barnet
  • Piccadilly


Experience the culture in the city of London

As inhabitants of a major city, Londoners are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring different cultures. Nippon culture is no exception.

You can catch film screenings, lectures and of a number of other events at The Japan Society. This organization was founded in 1891 as a means of strengthening relations between England and Japan. Since then, it has connected thousands of people interested in the Asian country.

If you’re into comic culture then pop into one of London’s manga bookshops to meet fellow enthusiasts. Alternatively, attend either Anime Con or Japan Matsuri festivals to celebrate all things Nippon in Trafalgar Square.

For a taste of culture visit the fantastic Toshiba Gallery of Japanese art at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Here you’ll find resplendent kimonos and samurai armor amidst other awe-inspiring pieces. Practice your vocabulary by using as many Japanese words as you know to describe what you see. You can liven things up by challenging a Japanese person to karaoke. Go on, we dare you! There are lots of venues to go to for this favorite national pastime. Alternatively, if you are not about to win any singing contests then you could always play DoDonPachi at Las Vegas Arcade instead.

Tired of being indoors? Why not take a stroll through Kyoto Garden or Kew Gardens where Japanese flora abound. Find your bliss in truly zen surroundings – rippling koi ponds serve as a calming background for meditation or reading. To test your progress, open up a magazine from JP Books, or simply relax with a Kazuo Ishiguro masterpiece.

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Benefits Of Japanese Lessons In London With Rype



Rype brings you super-convenient language learning. Through the medium of Skype, you can connect to a teacher, anywhere, anytime.



Our London Japanese lessons save you time and money on commuting – say konichiwa to your tutor from your office or your bedroom. With a monthly flat rate, you can take consistent daily lessons – a surefire way to rapidly advance your language skills.  


Immersive method

Each lesson is tailored to your proficiency and needs. Sessions are one-on-one – there’s no better method to learn a new language. You’ll get practice in skills that would otherwise take you ages to wrap your head around – namely speaking and listening. We can dramatically improve the level at which you communicate, with correct pronunciation and an understanding of subtleties.


Amazing teachers

Rype’s London Japanese tutors could be based anywhere from Tokyo to São Paulo. What they all have in common is a passion for the language and the teaching experience to back it up. All teachers go through a rigorous selection process where we test how they interact with students and ensure that they meet our standards. Great teachers mean a great experience for you. You also have the option of selecting one or two teachers after trying out a few. Different teachers have different teaching styles and we want you to be matched with someone who has the most impact on you.

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