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Spanish Lessons in New York, NY

With approximately 45 million Spanish speakers in the United States and around 20% located in New York and its surrounding areas, the Spanish language is rapidly becoming an absolute necessity to learn.

For that reason, the highly qualified Spanish tutors at Rype will help you do exactly that. Learn a language with tutors that are diverse, friendly, and dedicated to offering you a unique learning experience.

Through a trial lesson, user reviews and ratings, we encourage you to find the Spanish tutor best suited to your needs, thereby optimizing your learning and guaranteeing you the best Spanish lessons in New York.

Facts about Spanish in New York

  • New York City is home to over 2.5 million Spanish-speaking residents, making it one of the largest Spanish speaking populations of any US city.
  • Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in New York City, after English, spoken in nearly a quarter of New York homes.
  • The Spanish language is spoken neighborhoods such as Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and northern Manhattan.
  • The Bronx is considered by many to be the ‘heart’ of Spanish culture in New York City.
  • Spanish speakers in New York come from diverse countries and backgrounds, creating a vibrant mix of Spanish culture in New York, and an essential need to understand and speak the Spanish language.

Top Spanish speaking neighborhoods in the city

  • Corona – 72%
  • University Heights – 71%
  • Mott Haven – 68%
  • Tremont – 67%
  • Washington Heights – 62%
  • Bedford Park – 61%
  • Concourse – 59%
  • South Bronx – 57%
  • Jackson Heights – 57%
  • Soundview – 55%

Spanish outside the classroom in New York

Due to its sheer size and large Hispanic population, you will find plenty of places to practice your language skills outside the classroom in New York.

Visit the King Juan Carlos 1 of Spain Center for a number of educational programs that highlight the history and cultures of the Spanish speaking world. Or alternatively, visit the Hispanic library for some literature to expand your vocabulary.

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Why take Spanish Classes in New York with Rype?


We offer quality tutors

What makes Rype Spanish lessons in New York a notch above the rest are our professional and highly qualified tutors. Not only do our tutors have the highest qualifications and extensive experience, but they are also subject to an intensive interview process.

At Rype, we emphasize the importance of student-teacher relationships. As a result, we encourage you to engage with our New York Spanish tutors on a trial basis before committing. Our online platform allows us to connect you directly to your Spanish tutor, no matter where they are. Whether in Spain, Guatemala or anywhere else in the world you will be able to contact them.


Customized learning experience for all proficiency levels

Whether a beginner, advanced or somewhere in the middle, Rype will provide you with personalized Spanish Lessons in New York. Consequently, our fully customized learning experience will be designed around your specific Spanish language requirements.

By providing tailor-made Spanish lessons in New York, we aim to make your learning process smoother. We will accelerate your learning speed using live lessons that are engaging and accessible.

Naturally, in a fast-paced city like New York, our Spanish lessons are best kept short. We believe 30 minutes is adequate for you to engage, practice and learn, whilst still remaining focused.


We fit in with your schedule

Unlike many other New York Spanish lessons, we understand that sometimes life gets busy and you need to reschedule from time to time. At Rype we’re happy to accommodate you free of charge provided you inform us 12 hours prior to your Spanish lesson.


Affordable rates

Through our effective digital platform, we provide you with a professional, and flexible Spanish language lessons at a minimal cost. We are also committed to maintaining the privacy and security of all our clients.

Who should take Spanish classes on Rype?

At Rype we are committed to providing you with the best Spanish lessons in New York. Consequently, our tutors are trained to accommodate students of all levels with personalized lessons.

By using our platform you are guaranteed professional and effective Spanish lessons that can be conducted anywhere in the world, at a time best suited to you. This means that our service is perfect for just about anyone looking to broaden his or her linguistic repertoire. 

Not convinced yet? Take a look at some of our success stories to find out more. If you’re looking for the best classes in New York, with some of the best Spanish tutors, Rype is for you!

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