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Japanese Lessons in New York, NY

Whether you’re moving to Tokyo to teach English or want to interact with Japanese tech execs, despair no longer. We bring language tuition to your doorstep in New York or anywhere in the world. Schedule our one-on-one Japanese lessons in New York at your convenience – we have tutors to help you around the clock.


Facts About Japanese In New York

  • As of 2012, the largest Japanese community on the east coast of the United States lived in NYC.
  • The first generation of immigrants, referred to as issei, arrived as businessmen in the late 19th century.
  • Japanese people constitute 0.3% of the population of NYC. That’s approximately 30 000 individuals, and 45 000 reside in the greater New York area.
  • In addition to Japanese Americans, there are many expats who come to New York to work temporarily or study.


Areas of New York with substantial Japanese populations

  • Long Island
  • Scarsdale, Eastchester, Harrison, Hartsdale, and Rye in Westchester County
  • New Rochelle
  • East Village (Little Tokyo)
  • Morningside Heights, Lincoln Square, and Midtown East in Manhattan
  • Astoria, Queens
  • Yorkville
  • Park Slope, Cobble Hill and Williamsburg in Brooklyn
  • Edgewater, New Jersey


How to use Japanese beyond the classroom

Your learning only starts with our tutors. Once you’ve wrapped your head around kanji, try reading the Shukan NY Seikatsu, a weekly newspaper for New Yorkers.

You can also check for events run by community organizations such as the Nippon Club, Japan Society, the Japanese American Association, and the Chamber of Commerce. The former is located in the Nippon Club Tower which has facilities for banqueting, ballrooms, classrooms and art galleries.

As the unofficial Little Tokyo, the East Village is home to an assortment of clothing stores, toy shops, and hair salons. Get kitted out just like a Harajuku girl and have your hair permanently straightened to make it weather-proof.

If all the thinking is making you hungry then head to the East Village for some of the best cuisines in the city. There’s no shortage of noodle bars, sake bars, and sushi bars. When your language skills improve, you might even be able to ask one of the chefs for their authentic recipes. There are also around 20 Japanese restaurants with Michelin stars in NYC.

In Edgewater and elsewhere, there are grocery stores where you can stock up on Matcha powder, green tea Kit-Kats, fresh daikon, and seaweed. You might bump into some nostalgic and/or homesick people who’d be happy to chat with you. If you’re going to improve your vocabulary, what better place to start than where the food is at.

Lastly, if art is your thing then visit the Noguchi Museum, established by the critically-acclaimed Japanese-American sculptor.

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Benefits Of Taking Japanese Lessons In New York

Scenario a) You’re a manga and anime enthusiast. Scenario b) You want to make inroads with your in-laws from the Land of the Rising Sun. In both situations, you may have found learning a language like this one to be logistically difficult. It’s not a lingua franca, so finding teachers close by can be a challenge.



Because lessons are conducted via Skype, you can find a quiet spot on the subway and make good use of your commuting time.

Our lessons are generally half an hour long, although they can be an hour long if you prefer. As a result, it’s easy to fit a session into your schedule. Sneak one into your lunch break if you don’t feel like drawing attention to yourself while on public transport.


Value for money

Not only are our lessons convenient but they’re also affordable too. For a relatively low monthly membership, you get all the benefits including access to other language material as well as Math and Science tuition.

You pay a flat rate monthly or annually and you can choose from different plans. Rype Go offers half hour sessions which enables you to fit learning this language into your busy daily schedule.

Rype also allows for hour long lessons, and it costs a little more because you can schedule just as many sessions. The latter can really fast-track your progress in a short period of time.


Personalized lessons

Because of the Chinese characters used in the Japanese language, it naturally takes longer to master than learning the Romance languages. Don’t let that deter you if you’re passionate about learning the lingo of geishas, samurais, and robots alike.

Regardless of your level of knowledge, we can help you steadily advance towards your goals. Our New York Japanese tutors, many of whom are based in other locations, will assess your proficiency and priorities. Lessons are then customized to help you reach your objectives. Our teachers are friendly and motivating.

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