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Granada, Spain
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Medellin, Colombia
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Caracas, Venezuela
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At a Glance: Why Should I Learn Spanish?

Spanish is one of the top 3 most spoken languages in the world, with over 500M native speakers that you can reach. Spanish and Latin culture has been on the rise influencing everything from entertainment, TV, and politics. Beyond the core benefits, there are several strong reasons why you should learn Spanish as an English speaker.

For one, the Spanish language have many similar characteristics to the English language. We share many of the same words that you can learn using cognates, and similar vocabulary and grammar structures. Studies from researchers state that learning the most common 1,000 words will help you familiarize with around 88% of the language.

The second is the similarity that Spanish shares with the other languages in the latin family. This includes languages like French, Portuguese, and Italian. This means that once you learn Spanish, you’ll quickly be able to learn these similar languages due to the similar grammar and vocabulary in common.

All in all, Spanish is one of the few languages where you can reap the greatest amount of benefits with the least amount of effort.

What are the benefits of taking online Spanish lessons?

When it comes to learning Spanish, there are countless options to choose from. Most solutions offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ curriculum, including Spanish apps, games, and language schools. But you learn differently than others, so why should you be placed into the same curriculum? This is where private Spanish lessons come in. In fact, studies from research centers show that immersion learning can be up to 18x more effective than a classroom.

Today, we can speak to someone on the other side of the world with a click of a button. This ability to tap into the world’s best talent at a cheaper cost has changed learning forever. Compared to learning Spanish in the classroom, taking Spanish lessons online offers more personalized learning, at a more affordable price, in less time.


1. 1/10th the cost of a language school

When you take Spanish lessons online, one of the biggest advantages is cost. A traditional Spanish language school will come with bloated administrative staffs and high retail building costs. Therefore, increasing prices for students. By bringing Spanish lessons online, you cut these costs because you connect directly with Spanish teachers.

2. 1/8th the time to learn

The other advantage of learning online is that you save time. There’s no commuting back and forth, and you have the ability to learn whenever you want. Most local Spanish schools will have a fixed schedule that requires you to be in attendance on a daily basis for several hours. Whereas working with Spanish teachers online provides you the flexibility to take lessons a few days a week or month.

3. No risk for you

The great thing about going online to take language lessons is the reduced risk factor. If a teacher’s not a good fit for you, it’ll only take moments to find one that is. There’s thousands of professional Spanish teachers that you can choose from, at no risk. For websites like Rype, every Spanish teacher comes pre-vetted via a live 1-on-1 video interview. This will increase the chances that you’ll have a great learning experience.

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