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French Lessons in New York City, NY

All across the city of New York, residents and tourists alike can find a prominent and vibrant French community.

The language is one of the most popular non-English languages spoken in the city, and many places boast strong cultural ties to both France and Haiti. It is not news then to find out that taking French lessons in New York is an extremely advantageous thing to add to your skill set.

Rype’s online lessons are designed to help you learn a new language with a focus on your own goals and location. As such, we believe our language classes are a great way to broaden your horizons and improve your repertoire. Take a look at our success stories and reviews, and read on to find out why French is a great language to learn in the Big Apple


Facts About French In NYC

  • French is the home language of around 0,7% of the population. This amounts to over 120 000 people
  • Immigrants from Haiti often speak both French and French Creole. They arrived in the United States during the early 1960s
  • After Spanish, it is the second most commonly taught foreign language in the city after Spanish
  • The state of New York has one of the largest Francophone communities in the country


Top 10 Francophone neighborhoods

While the majority of the neighborhoods in New York are predominantly English, there are a number of neighborhoods with a dense population of French-speaking residents:

  • Upper West Side & West Side: Manhattan CD 7
  • Upper East Side: Manhattan CD 8
  • Central Harlem: Manhattan CD 10
  • Park Slope, Carroll Gardens & Red Hook: Brooklyn CD 6
  • Crown Heights North & Prospect Heights: Brooklyn CD 8
  • Crown Heights South, Prospect Lefferts & Wingate: Brooklyn CD 9
  • Crown Heights South, Prospect Lefferts & Wingate: Brooklyn CD 9
  • East Flatbush, Farragut & Rugby: Brooklyn CD 17
  • Canarsie & Flatlands: Brooklyn CD 18
  • Queens Village, Cambria Heights & Rosedale: Queens CD 13


Take your learning into the Big Apple

Because of the vibrant and exciting mixture of French and Haitian culture that makes up the Francophone population of the city, there are loads of places to take your new skills. There are fantastic options for you to visit bars, restaurants, and stores.

For film enthusiasts, there are French film festivals like the Films on the Green Festival in May, and the Focus on French Cinema held in the city. The Paris Theatre is also an option – here, you can immerse yourself in the culture and find out what the language has to offer. Along with all of this, there are French meet-up groups for all proficiency levels across the city.

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Why Take French Lessons In New York

Rype creates an immersive and interactive learning experience for all of its students. There are a lot of great reasons to choose us for your New York French lessons:


We source only the most dedicated and experienced tutors

Our tutors come from all over the world. Their diversity and individual personalities mean you can find the best possible fit for you. Because of the one on one tutoring experience, you will be able to clearly articulate your goals and develop a relationship with your tutor. All of our tutors are interviewed before we qualify them for the job. As a result, we can attest to their skills.


Our lessons are affordable and accessible

Because we use an online digital platform, you are likely going to pay less for our lessons than if you are learning in a classroom. It is also easy to access our classes: no matter the time of day or where you are, you will be able to hop onto your computer and start learning! We also offer the opportunity for a free trial so you can be sure of your decision.


You can tailor your lessons to match your goals

You can make sure that you are getting what you want out of our language lessons by customizing them. Our tutors take your location into account to ensure that you are learning the language in relation to your surroundings. You can also voice your goals, whether they are social or business-related. Whatever your reason for learning Le Français, we hope to give you the best experience we can.


Who Should Take Language Classes In NY

We cater to people of all proficiency levels, therefore anyone can take our lessons. People in the Big Apple can broaden their skills and make sure they are able to navigate the Francophone community that surrounds them. Rype makes your learning experience a fun, accessible, and immersive one. Our sign-up process is simple – you can start learning this Romance language in New York City with the click of a few buttons!

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