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Italian Lessons in New York, NY

There are so many reasons to take Italian lessons in New York. Importantly, it will help you connect with your fellow New Yorkers and, possibly, your roots. Whether you log in from your Nonna’s kitchen or an empty section of the subway, we have tutors available to teach you at practically any time of the day.


Facts About Italian In New York

  • In the 2012 census, 560 000 individuals were estimated as being New Yorkers of Italian descent, the largest European ethnic group in the Big Apple.
  • In 2011, the American Community Survey pegged the number of New Yorkers of Italian birth at 49075 people.
  • La Scuola d’Italia Guglielmo Marconi is the only bilingual day school in all of  North America.


Italiano enclaves in the Big Apple

  • Arthur Avenue, Belmont (the Bronx’s Little Italy)
  • Bensonhurst, Brooklyn (Brooklyn’s Little Italy)
  • Dyker Heights, Brooklyn
  • Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
  • Mulberry Street, Little Italy, Manhattan
  • Greenwich Village
  • Pleasant Avenue, East Harlem (Italian Harlem), Manhattan
  • Staten Island – this borough is approximately 55% Italian (200 000 people)
  • Whitestone, Queens
  • Ozone Park, Queens


New York Italian lessons beyond the classroom

Italians are passionate about a lot of things, so if you are passionate about furthering your learning then there are a few places you can go in NYC.

You can attend the Metropolitan Opera. Opera originated in Italy so performers often sing in Italiano. Subtitles flash across seat-back screens, a perfect way to test out your new vocabulary. Alternatively, practice conversing by heading over to your local forno. Speak to your local baker in the language of his motherland and you might score yourself a free cannoli!

If museums are your thing then the Italian American Museum can be found in Manhattan’s Little Italy. Apart from seeking out oral histories, you can diarize dates when the museum hosts lectures, musical programs, and film festivals. Each cultural event will expose you to the language in some way or the other.

Speaking of events, Christopher Columbus was an Italian. Consequently, Italy and all its Little Italy offshoots take some time to commemorate their countryman’s discovery of the New World. As early as 1866, Columbus Day became an occasion to celebrate heritage. New York goes all out on October 8th with one of the biggest parades comprising at least 35 000 people. You could be one of the over a million street-side spectators watching the march.

For a more touristy feel of language in the city, the Feast of San Gennaro is a festival celebrating the Patron Saint of Naples. Eleven days long, this street fair with loads of music, sausages, zeppola pastries, carnival games, and sometimes fireworks. Towards the end of festivities and after a Catholic Mass, a candlelit procession makes its way through Little Italy.

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Benefits Of Using Rype For Your Italian Lessons In New York



If you’ve always wanted to learn a language but haven’t had the time before, Rype helps you make time. With our convenient language-learning platform, you can schedule lessons that you can do anywhere.

Our same-day availability means that you can spontaneously book a lesson when you wake up, and do the lesson when you’re relaxing in the evening.



We save you the time and money you’d otherwise be spending on commuting to and from lessons. In addition, our Italian classes in New York City are relatively affordable.

If you’re serious about learning a language, our platform is perfect for you. You pay a flat rate and you can then do lessons daily if you’re able to fit them into your schedule. This enables you to cover a lot of ground in a much shorter period of time.


Rapid progress

You’ll also improve by leaps and bounds as you’ll have the benefit of one-on-one lessons with a native level speaker of the language. Not only will you learn the rules of grammar and how to read and write, but you will also converse frequently.

Having an accessible chatting buddy will greatly improve your confidence in skills that take long to master in traditional settings. The communication skills of speaking and listening, fluency and good pronunciation are simply covered inadequately in lectures with multiple students.


Amazing teachers

Our New York Italian tutors could be based anywhere from Sicily to South America. The important thing is that they are all vetted by us and are well-equipped to help you achieve your goals. Friendly and experienced, you’ll develop a healthy rapport with your chosen educator.

You might want to go to Modena to learn how to make pasta or you might just want to watch The Godfather movies without subtitles. Whatever your endgame is, let your teacher know, and they will craft lessons around your interests.

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