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Spanish Lessons in Vancouver

There are over 400 million people who speak Spanish in the world. As a result, it is one of the most useful and widely spoken languages that one could learn. With Vancouver being home to a great deal of Spanish Canadians, learning the language here is an obvious choice.

Vancouver Spanish lessons have never been easier or more enjoyable than through our simple platform. At Rype we offer effective, simple to manage, personalized online language lessons.

Simply browse for Spanish tutors in Vancouver on our website, pick your ideal teacher, and start your online lessons when you want. Learning a lingua franca has never been more fun.

Facts about Spanish in Vancouver

  • 325,740 Canadians identify as being of Spanish descent
  • There are 36,625 Spanish speakers in the city
  • The Latin American community in Canada is growing at a significant rate. Vancouver is one of the key areas for this growth
  • People of Hispanic ethnicity are the second largest population group in the city


Top ten Spanish speaking areas in Vancouver

As Vancouver has a strong Hispanic influence, Spanish can be heard in many parts of the city. Here are the top ten neighborhoods with ties to the language.

  1. Fruit Valley
  2. Hamey Heights
  3. Meadow Homes
  4. Parkside
  5. Riveridge
  6. Kevanna Park
  7. Rose Village
  8. Northcrest
  9. First Place
  10. Central Park


Experience the language in Vancouver

Spanish lessons in Vancouver can be taken in more places than just Rype. While it is necessary to get a solid understanding of the language through our lessons, the city itself has so much to teach you. Through experiencing Hispanic areas and events around the city, you can learn a great deal about the culture and language.

The Hispanic Community center in Vancouver is a great place to meet and speak to many of the city’s Hispanic population. This non-profit organization was formed to assist newly arrived Hispanic families with settling into Canada. If you want to put your language skills to the test, then joining in on this centers fun programs is a great place to do just that.

If you want to expand your knowledge on Hispanic culture, as well as the language, then the VLACC is a great place to go. The Vancouver Latin American Cultural Centre offers visitors a deeper understanding of Latin American arts and cultures. While there is so much to learn here, remember that it is an ideal place to put your language skills to the test. Try to translate any Spanish writing, or speak to people in Spanish.

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Why take Spanish Lessons in Vancouver with Rype?


Lessons that are customized to you

When learning with Rype, you don’t just walk into a classroom and listen. One of the amazing features of our online learning platform is that the lessons work for you.

Firstly you pick your own schedule. Whether it means taking a lesson during your lunch break at work, in the early morning, or evening, you pick your availability. Being able to fit in lessons when they work for you is an incredible feature of how Rype can suit anybody’s lifestyle.

Secondly, the lessons are all 1-on-1. When you start your first lesson, your tutor will discuss your learning goals, needs, and capabilities. Through this, they will work with you to provide lessons perfectly suited to you as an individual.

All lessons done through Rype are completely personalized. This means that learning is faster, easier and more fun.


We have amazing tutors

Our high-quality tutors take our learning platform to the next level. Rype lets you pick your own teacher based on personal preferences. Through this feature, learning with Spanish tutors in Vancouver has never been more enjoyable. Being able to have lessons with somebody that you connect with really makes a difference.

Additionally, all of our tutors are well educated and highly qualified in their individual fields. Through our strict interview process, we make sure to only recruit the best tutors onto our team.


Learn from anywhere

One of the reasons that our online lessons have become so popular is that you can take them anywhere. As long as you are connected to the internet, our private lessons can be enjoyed wherever works best for you. Spanish classes in Vancouver have never been simpler.


Affordable quality

Not only do we offer some of the most effective language lessons, but our services are also easily affordable. We make sure that our fun and professional lessons run at the most competitive prices out there. We strive to save you time and provide quality learning while making sure you don’t break the bank.

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