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French Lessons in Vancouver

Seeing as French is one of the official languages of Canada, learning to speak French in Vancouver seems the natural thing to do. Whether you are starting out or brushing up, conversing in this beautiful language on our learning platform is easier than ever before. Taking French lessons in Vancouver with Rype makes learning accessible and simple for anybody with an internet connection. All it takes is a quick browse of our website and you can start your lessons when and where you want.  


Facts About French in Vancouver

  • Roughly 172,140 Vancouver residents can speak the language
  • It is one of the two official languages spoken in Canada. Although Vancouver does not have as strong a Francophile influence as Quebec, the language is still an official language of the city.
  • There are roughly 1,110 people living in Vancouver who can only speak French

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Why Use Rype For French Lessons In Vancouver?


We offer the simplest platform

Taking French classes in Vancouver can be difficult as it is not always easy to find a class and teacher that suits you and your lifestyle. We have solved this problem and through our online lessons, you are able to take control and simplify your learning. There is no difficult admin to get through, no inconvenient schedule, or unpleasant teacher. With us, learning Le Français could not be any easier.


We have the best tutors

Nobody can beat our Vancouver French tutors. We hire the best in the field to guide you through your learning. Each of our tutors is carefully selected based on their strong academic and teaching skills. They are all native speakers with a passion for their romantic language.

A big perk about learning with us is that you get to pick your own tutor. Before starting your lessons, you first need to choose a suitable candidate. Use our handy system of user reviews and ratings to find out who will be the best pick for you. Trial lessons are available in order to ensure your tutor is the right fit. Having the ideal tutor to suit your needs means that learning is easier and more enjoyable.


Lessons are personalized

One of the reasons that learning a new language is so effective using our platform is the personalized lessons. We only offer 1-on-1 lessons to ensure the most beneficial results. Learning in a traditional classroom setting can often fail to meet your needs. Our lessons are not like this though and when taking your first lesson, your tutor will make sure that your personal goals, needs, and requirements are noted.

This means that you will learn in a way that suits you and focuses on you. Personalized focused lessons mean that acquiring language skills is easier.


Take classes whenever you want

Instead of having French lessons take over your schedule, rather fit them in where they suit you. With us, you can choose exactly when you want your lessons to be. As each of our classes are an efficient 30 minutes, they can be slotted into your life as you please. All you need to do is book a time that suits you.

No matter how crazy your lifestyle is, learning the language through our app will always be a possibility.


Learn More Of The Language Outside The Classroom

As this city is found in a country with such a strong French influence, learning goes beyond communicating with your tutors. Once you have a grasp of the language from our lessons, you can find many ways to sharpen your skills around Vancouver.

At the Centre Culturel Francophone Vancouver, there is so much to learn about everything Francaise. Whether it is a concert, event, or activity, there is always something happening at this buzzing cultural center. Visiting here is an amazing way to experience the beautiful language being spoken first hand, and to absorb and practice a great deal of French.

Through online platforms or meet up sites, you can find French people living in the city. Set up your own social gatherings, join events, or get to know the local Franco community. All of this can lead to ways of putting your language skills into real-life situations.


Who Should Use Our Platform For Learning French?

Our affordable online classes are ideal for anyone living in Vancouver. Whether you have never heard a word of French before, or have a more advanced understanding of the language, our lessons can help you.

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