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Italian Lessons in Vancouver

Learning to speak a new language can be a challenging task. At Rype, we make sure that your learning experience is one that is both enjoyable and successful. Taking Italian lessons in Vancouver with us can give you that one up in both social and business settings. Expanding your language repertoire can be extremely advantageous.

The world over, proficiency in the Italian language is quickly becoming a fantastic thing to add to your skill set. In Vancouver, you will find that learning this passionate language will help you to better appreciate your surroundings. Not only that but you get the added benefit of being immersed in a new culture. Keep reading to find out why learning the language using our platform is the best option for you.


Facts About Italian In Vancouver

  • There are around 75 000 people of Italian ancestry living in the Greater Vancouver area today. This amounts to around 11% of the population.
  • Italian immigrants began to move to the northern Commercial Drive area of Vancouver between the 1940s and 1950s. Today, this area is known officially as Little Italy.
  • Italian-Canadians have a distinct presence in the Burnaby Heights neighborhood as well as on East Hastings Street.
  • There are two Roman Catholic Churches (St Helen’s and Holy Cross) that offer mass in the Italiano.


Learn more about Italian in Vancouver

Once you are confident enough to take your newly acquired skills in the Romance language out onto the streets of Vancouver, there are numerous places to choose from. Although there are no predominantly Italian neighborhoods in the city, the culture and language make up a large part of Vancouver’s multiculturalism. Even if you are still learning, you can enhance your skills by exploring your city.

The Little Italy area, so named in 2016, is an eight-block stretch of Commercial Drive. The area is full of various cultures, and the Italian culture is prominent. Here, you can find restaurants and shops that celebrate the Italiano roots of this part of the city of Vancouver.

It is also the host of Italian Day, an annual one-day cultural festival that you can visit to truly immerse yourself in the roots of the language in your city. Attending this will allow you to experience street performances, live music and theater, foods and goods from Italian vendors, and other displays.

East Hastings Street between Boundary and Duthie is another place where you can find a celebration of the culture. Restaurants and cafes allow you to sample the tastes of Italy. There are also stores that import goods straight from the country so you can try out more than just the language. Bring your conversational skills to the table or simply visit the area to gain a sense of the prominence of Italian in Vancouver.

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Why Take Italian Lessons In Vancouver With Rype?

As you can see, learning to speak the language can be extremely beneficial in a city where the culture has such strong roots. There are a number of reasons to choose us for your learning experience:


We are affordable and easy to access

When compared to lessons in physical classrooms, we offer better rates for classes that are also easy to access. We use an online digital platform to deliver our lessons so you can start your journey of discovery no matter where you are located.

You can schedule your lessons for whenever best suits you. This is also helpful for those of us who want to learn a new language but have busy days. We offer the option for a free trial so that you can ensure that you have made the right decision.


Our tutors are dedicated to helping you to learn and grow

We source only the best and most capable tutors for your learning experience. Our tutors are interviewed and their experience checked so you can be assured that your tutor is qualified. Not only this, but their dedication and commitment to helping you achieve your goals is unrivaled – check out our amazing tutor reviews to see what we mean. Because your lessons will take the form of one-on-one online interactions, you can easily express your goals to your tutor. This interactive and personalized experience is great for learning and can really speed up the process.


Your lessons can be tailored to suit your needs

Depending on where you are and why you wish to learn the language, our services can be customized and tailored in accordance with your needs. In Vancouver, you can make sure that you are experiencing lessons that help you to navigate your particular surroundings and the culture you are exposed to.

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