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Why Take English Lessons?


The international language for communication is English, and one out of five people around the world can speak it. Global events from the Olympics to Miss Universe are primarily broadcasted in English, and over 53 countries use English as their official language. But that’s just scratching the surface of why you should learn English. Major benefits of learning English include:

  • Being able to travel and communicate with people around the world. No matter where you visit, it’s likely that English is the language that you’ll be able to connect with.
  • Watch popular movies, TV shows, and enjoy books in English.
  • Advance your career faster and open up new job opportunities that require you to speak English.
  • Making more money if you live in an English-speaking country or plan to move there.


Beyond the major advantages you will benefit from by learning English, it’s also a fairly easy language to learn. English is formatted in simple alphabets of 26 letters. If you already speak a Germanic or Latin language (i.e. German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), you’ll find many common words in these languages. Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics, there’s endless opportunities to improve your English skills. Native speakers are present everywhere you go, and you can always find opportunities to practice your speaking skills. Last but not least, English is recognized as the language of the Internet. With the tap of a button, you can immerse yourself via:

  • Books in English
  • Youtube videos in English
  • Blogs in English
  • Podcasts in English
  • Newspapers (i.e. Wall Street Journal, New York Times)
  • and nearly every website you go to online


Hope this summary was helpful for you. If you’re still not convinced, then continue reading.

How do I start learning English?

We’re glad you asked. Getting started in learning English is easy, because there’s limitless solutions that will teach you online. But having more options often causes more confusion, not solutions. This is why it’s important to determine how you best learn and absorb information. Are you a social butterfly that loves communicating and building relationships with others? Do you retain the most information when you’re reading something on your own?

Studies show that humans have 7 major learning styles:

  1. Visual: You love learning through illustrative images, diagrams, charts, etc.
  2. Physical: You learn best by immersing yourself and doing, rather than reflecting
  3. Aural: Using sound, music, and other audio format
  4. Verbal: Talking out loud, speaking and communicating with others. This is the most popular amongst language learners
  5. Logical: You enjoy reasoning, and using frameworks to make logical interpretations
  6. Social: This goes hand in hand with verbal learning, because you enjoy learning with other people in groups
  7. Solitary: Learning alone and through self-study

This doesn’t mean you’re limited to one learning style. You can be a logical learner and also a verbal learner at the same time. And as we mentioned, social and verbal learning usually goes together. Determine which learning style you resonate most with, and we encourage you to test different methods as you’re learning English.

Once you have determined your learning style, you can choose from the available English learning methods. Here’s a quick breakdown that you can choose from:

  • English Language schools near you.
  • Local language meetups. Great fit for verbal and social learners.
  • English learning apps. Good for solitary, visual, and auditory learners.
  • English courses and resources online. These include free Youtube videos, articles, blogs, or podcasts. Also good for solitary, visual, and auditory learners.
  • English lessons online. This usually involves working one-on-one with a private teacher. Great for visual, social, auditory, verbal, and even solitary learners.


Why should I take English lessons online?

Given the options we shared above, learning English via online language lessons is the most effective. The reasons are simple. Since language lessons involve private interactions with your English teacher, you get a personalized learning experience based on your specific goals, needs, and learning styles. This is much more powerful than relying on a structured language curriculum with no customization for your specific needs. More importantly, taking English lessons online provide the convenience of learning anywhere and anytime you want, at a cheaper cost.

1. Up to 1/10th the cost. Compared to a traditional language school, learning online reduces the cost for everyone. This is because there’s little to no overhead or expensive building costs to maintain. Solutions like Rype connect you directly with pre-vetted English teachers online, completely bypassing the middle agent.

2. Cut the learning time by up to 1/8th. Learning online offers the convenience of learning wherever you are, as long as you have access to stable internet. This means no commuting is ever required to meet your teacher.

3. Gain access to the best English teachers. The biggest advantage of taking language lessons online is access to talent. Chances are, the best English teachers are not all located in your city, but spread across the world. By learning online, you have endless options of the most talented teachers to choose from.

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