Wyzant Reviews

What is Wyzant?

Wyzant is an online tutoring platform connecting you with Math, English, Science, Language tutors and more. Their services are offered online or in-person, where you can choose from different price ranges. The company is headquarted in Chicago, Illinois, and was formed in 2007. Today, they have over 200 subjects you can search from and thousands of tutors.


Who is Wyzant For?

Like most academic tutoring, Wyzant targets parents of younger students and students themselves looking for additional help in school. These students are normally undergoing a curriculum of their own provided by their school or at home, and are seeking out private tutors for specific problems or to prep for a test.

Given the range of topics that Wyzant offers on the website, there is likely no one demographic to describe who Wyzant’s users are. However, they do focus heavily on in-person tutoring, so those who are looking for a live in-person session is likely to prefer Wyzant.

Focus & Specialty

When Wyzant was founded in 2007, they only (and still primarily) focused on academic tutoring. These topics include: Algebra, Calculus, Biology, Elementary Math, Social Studies, History, and more. However, as the company expands, they are looking more into other topics including music lessons.


On Wyzant not only do tutors choose their own prices, they are also primarily priced for in-person sessions. This means that prices can range around $50 to $80 USD per session. Based on our experience and seeking reviews online, the online sessions are not much cheaper either (example below: $55-$60/hour)

The pricing will certainly depend on the experience that a teacher has, so you will often find that a very popular or experienced teacher will increase their pricing to meet the demand. A big reason for tutors charging this premium price is because many tutoring websites like Wyzant takes ~40% cut of the tutor’s fees. That means if a tutor is charging $60/hour, they will only be getting $36 of that (Wyzant will take $24), which is why tutors have an incentive to increase their pricing.

While this is great for the tutoring company, it is up to users to justify whether or not it’s worth the premium costs.

wyzant cost

Price comparison of similar tutoring websites to Wyzant:

Alternative to Wyzant Tutoring

To reiterate our previous point, quality tutoring does not have to cost a leg and an arm to get. At Rype, we’re able to offer the same if not better quality of private tutoring with handpicked pre-vetted teachers, without charging a hefty price tag.

Why? Because we’ve made the choice to make less per lesson, compared to other tutoring websites to offer a better valued service for our members.

How is Rype different from Wyzant?

Yes, both and Rype offers private 1-on-1 tutoring for various topics including language lessons, academic subjects like Math, Science, English, and more. On Rype however, we’re able to offer you quality for less.

The core 3 pillars of our offering focuses on giving you:

  • Access to handpicked professional tutors
  • Ability to book on-the-go and around your busy schedule
  • All of this at a fair price with an all-access membership (one membership, dozens of subjects)

1. Pay Per Lesson (Wyzant) vs. Simple Flat Price (Rype)

As you saw on the screenshot above, the cost per hour on Wyzant can range from $50 all the way up to $100 (or more). Tutors are encouraged to increase their pricing because the tutoring website takes a near 40% cut of all their pay. As a user, this forces you to think about not only the topic that you want to learn, but how much you want to spend per lesson (based on how many lessons you think you’ll need).

At Rype, you pay a flat simple membership price with no hidden costs. We take 0% commission from our tutors and we pay a competitive price that keeps everyone happy.

There are a few reasons why we believe this is the most sustainable model:

1. Just like a drop-in gym, there’s a lack of incentive for students to continue their lessons after the first lesson experience. This motivates students who are learning Math or Spanish to continue their lessons, just like a gym membership.

2. There is a massive premium that tutoring services like Wyzant charge. This can be great for the corporation because it gives them the profits to reinvest into growth, but it is a bad deal for parents and students like you paying for the service.

3. On Rype, you get access to not just academic lessons but language lessons (and much more soon). That means, you’re not just limited to taking academic lessons, and you can branch out your curiousity and therefore gain value without paying more.

Rype, like Netflix, has introduced a new model to language lessons. It’s a simple, flat fee where you don’t have to think about pulling out your credit card for each lesson. You can focus on what matters, which is consistent learning, and finding teachers that are fit to meet your needs.

2. Rype Teachers are Handpicked

Around 1-3% of applicants on Rype are interviewed and accepted. Every tutor that joins our network are handpicked personally by us and are required to go through a rigorous interview process, including a live 1-on-1 interview where we have a high-standard criteria for not just experience, but personality, professionality, and more.


3. Rype is Built for People on-the-go

We understand that students can often be busier than adults, as they have clubs, sports, and additional hobbies that take up their schedule. In addition, with a packed class schedule, we get that keeping up with every class is time consuming and stressful.

By combining online lessons and shorter 30-minute sessions, you can enjoy the benefits of learning anywhere, anytime.


4. Rype is Free to try

We feel confident in our offer to allow you to experience for free. No need to get on a sales call which takes up more of your time to sell you on our offering. Just sign up by yourself, and browse around the platform by yourself or with your child, and book a lesson with one of our teachers. 100% risk-free.

Wyzant Reviews: Summary

Based on the reviews we’ve read and from personal experience, Wyzant does seem to offer quality tutors on the platform. Many of their teachers seem to have background checks and some amount of vetting involved. At the end of the day, you have to judge whether the premium costs are worth the value if you can find great tutors for better value.

Try out Rype’s free introductory offer now.

For visual comparison, you can take a look at our benefit comparison chart to get a full picture of our Wyzant review, along with some other solutions.

Hope this Wyzant review was helpful to you.

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