Rype Collective Project

The question(s)

“Why are you learning [your target language]?” or “What excites you most about learning a new language” or “What does learning a language mean to you?


  • Start by introducing yourself first. Example: “Hi my name is [First Name] and I live in [City], [Country].”
  • Repeat the question you’re answering:
    • Example 1: “What excites me about learning a language?…”
    • Example 2: “Why am I learning [your target language]?”
  • Share your open-ended response!

*Note: Your response can be as short (2 sentences) or as long as you’d like. Be unique, creative, and authentic!


How to Submit

a. Skype:
-Add us at ‘rypeapp
-Submit a video message with your answer using your phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Here’s a short video to show you how to do this on Skype:


b. Email:
-Send a pre-recorded message to the email address: sean@rypeapp.com

Looking forward to hearing your responses!