Why Rype Decided to Offer a Free Language Lessons Trial™


Ever since 2015, Rype has been revolutionizing the language industry. It started with introducing Unlimited 1-on-1 language lessons, and now people are raving about their latest move — the Free Language Lessons Trial™.

After Rype’s ambitious introduction of their Unlimited 1-on-1 language lessons, thousands of people around the world signed up within the first few months of launching. The compelling promise of learning from premium hand-picked teachers around one’s busy schedule resonated with many busy individuals living ‘on-the-go.’

Despite the early initial success, the team at Rype is always re-thinking how to help more busy individuals learn a second, third, and even fourth language without sacrificing life’s priorities, and especially without breaking the bank.

Rype’s recent idea of offering a 100% Free Language Lessons Trial™ sprouted from researching customer’s reactions to Rype’s Unlimited Plan (The Unlimited Plan™ allows you to book as many lessons as you want and gain full access to Rype’s network of hand-selected professional teachers). They found that although customers on the Free Trial were extremely satisfied and often surprised with how effective Rype’s personalized lessons are, some prospects that were unfamiliar with Rype were more skeptical. Before signing up for a membership plan, they wanted to try it out first.

“Asking people to try a new service is challenging, especially with online learning. People see ‘Unlimited lessons’ and a ‘100% Free Trial’ and think it’s too good to be true.”
-CEO Sean Kim

It was this insight that pushed the team at Rype to introduce the Free Language Lessons Trial™ to the Unlimited lesson experience. They wanted to make it as easy and as risk-free as possible for anyone to experience Rype’s unlimited lessons for themselves. This is why they slashed the tuition set-up fee (as pictured above), made it completely free to try, and opened up full access to Rype’s hand-selected professional teachers.

Once you’ve tried it, someone will personally check-in with you, and if you don’t love it you can easily cancel (although Kim says their customer retention rate is very high).

“Research shows that the biggest obstacle preventing people from learning a language or any other skill is not talent or age, but lack of time and personalized accountabilty. We want to change that for good.”
-CEO Sean Kim

Making it extremely convenient and flexible to reschedule or cancel their lessons was surprisingly one of the most favorite features that Rype students resonated with. Rype understood that their core members were busy individuals with constantly shifting schedules. Giving people the ability to book lessons at anytime of the day, any day of the week was what allowed them to learn around their busy lifestyle. The other was receiving a fully personalized lesson plan customized to their needs.

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