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French Lessons in Toronto

Canada’s long history of French immigration means that many of its cities are alive with French-inspired culture and people. The language is the mother tongue of over 7 million Canadian residents, so taking French lessons in Toronto can be a useful and exciting new skill to improve your communication abilities.

Taking our language classes opens you up to a multitude of new opportunities for your social and business endeavors. Because the language is so prevalent in Canada, Toronto residents will find that learning French allows for further immersion into the culture they are surrounded by.


Facts About French In Toronto

  • Although the majority of Toronto’s residents recognize English as their first language, French culture is alive in the city. Many people speak the language as a result of their ties to Canada’s French community.
  • There are around 120,000 people with French origins living in the city. 35,000 of these people are mother-tongue speakers.
  • Around 1,000 French-speaking immigrants move to Toronto each year from all over the world.
  • There are two French-language school boards in the city.


Learn more than just the language in the city of Toronto

Although there are no official Francophone neighborhoods in Toronto or Ontario, there are many places in the city where you can immerse yourself in the culture and language. Essentially, learning to speak the language will broaden your horizons and help you connect with people. The bilingualism of Canada is especially prevalent in the business world, which means that being able to speak Le Français is a helpful tool in business ventures. 

There are also many fun and exciting places to take your newly acquired language skills. There is a French sports bar and restaurant called Point Bar where you can go to watch games and enjoy a drink or meal. Additionally, there are many other restaurants, bistros, and stores which boast French cuisine and are owned by French language speakers. 

A great place to fully immerse yourself in the culture is the L’Alliance Française. This alliance holds film screenings, shows, conferences, and camps for children in French.

You can also watch a show at the Théâtre Français de Toronto, or a film at the Francophone International Film Festival (or Cinéfranco). Both of these offer English subtitles just in case you are still getting to grips with the language.

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Why Take French Lessons In Toronto With Rype

Learning to speak a new language can be a daunting prospect, so we want to make it as easy for you as possible. There are a number of reasons to choose us for your language lessons.


Our service is affordable and easy to access

Because our service operates on an online digital platform, it is easy to access wherever you are so long as you have a connection to the internet. It is also cheaper to access our services than it is to learn in a classroom. Additionally, we also offer the option for a free trial run so you can be sure that you chose the right course and tutor for you.


Our tutors are dedicated to your learning experience

Our language tutors are sourced from all over the world and are interviewed and selected based on experience and skill. Therefore, you can rest assured that your one-on-one interactive lessons are taken by the very best. Check out our tutor reviews to find the best French tutors in Toronto for you and your goals.


You can schedule your lessons to suit your lifestyle

At Rype, we know that everyone has different schedules and busy days. Because our tutors come from all over the world and from different time zones, you can schedule your lessons to suit your lifestyle. As such, our classes are flexible and easy to access no matter what the time is.


Lessons can be customized depending on where you are and your goals

Our language app lets you take your location and your skill set into account when choosing a tutor. You can easily communicate your goals to your tutor in order to tailor your lessons to your specific needs. In Toronto, you can make sure that your language lessons will help you to connect with your community.


Who Should Take Our Language Lessons

No matter who you are or what your proficiency level is, we will be able to cater for you and your goals in learning this lingua franca. Your learning experience is important to us, so we make sure that acquiring a new language is exciting and immersive, whether it be for social or business reasons.

Take a look at our success stories to see what others are saying about our lessons and tutors. Our sign up process is easy – with the click of a few buttons you can be learning Le Français in no time!

Sign up for a free trial for the best learning experience in the city.

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