Teacher's Terms

If you want to offer teaching/tutoring service on Rype, you must read and agree to be bound by these Additional Terms and Conditions for the Teacher (“Teacher Terms”) which are part of and incorporated into the Rype Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms”). These Teacher Terms will apply to any Account that is approved to be a Teacher on the Site.

If you do not accept these Teacher Terms in full, you are not authorized to teach on the Site and you are not eligible to receive any money from Rype for any Course and/or Tutoring service you provide on the Site.

1. Pre-Qualification Process

Before you start sharing your knowledge on the Site, we want to get to know you a little better. To preserve the quality of the Courses on the Site and to ensure the safety of all our users, every user who wishes to teach or provide a Course and/or Tutoring service will be required to go through an application and pre-qualification process

You must complete the following simple steps before you can begin to teach:

Application. Fill out an Application Form to provide us with information regarding your background, education, work experience, certifications and other qualifications with respect to your planned Courses. For all Teachers, you will be required to provide your correct mailing address. You will authorize us to verify the accuracy of all the information you provide. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to accept or decline your application for any reason. We will endeavor to accept or decline your application within 5 business days from the time you submit your application.

Becoming a Teacher. If we approve your application after our review, you will be considered a “Teacher.” You will also have the option to create and manage an educational provider profile on our Site.

We reserve the right to withdraw our approval of your application and to suspend or terminate your right to teach on the Site at any time and at our sole discretion. If applicable law requires us to provide a notice of termination or cancellation, we may give notice by sending written communication to any address (email or otherwise) that we have for you in our records. You will be liable for any breaches and/or obligations incurred before we suspend or terminate your Account.

2. License Grant

You hereby agree that any user who purchases your Course (“Student”) will obtain and be granted, as a result of such purchase, a worldwide, non-sublicenseable and non-exclusive right and license to use the Content incorporated in that Course solely for his or her personal and noncommercial educational purposes. You acknowledge that all of the Content you submit to the Site (whether as part of your Course or otherwise) is subject to the representations, warranties, license grants and other provisions contained in the Terms. Please read those carefully. You also acknowledge that we may use your Content and information about your Courses in marketing, advertising and promotion of our Site in any medium, and you hereby give us permission to use your name as part of such marketing, advertising or promotion.

3. Permission to Display Logos

We encourage you to highlight and differentiate your Courses by using your trademark(s), service mark(s) or brand(s) (altogether, “Logo(s)”) on our Site. By submitting, uploading, or otherwise making your Logo(s) available to our Site, you hereby give us permission to display your Logo(s) on the Site and to make modifications to the size and appearance of the Logo(s) as may be reasonably necessary or appropriate to conform such display with the appearance of the Site and/or the display of the Logo(s) submitted by other Teachers. You also represent that you own all rights in your Logo(s) (or that you have acquired all necessary rights in the Logo(s) from the actual owner) to enable you to give us the permission stated in this paragraph. You retain ownership of all intellectual property and proprietary rights to any Logo that you submit or upload to the Site. All use of your Logo(s) by us will be for the sole purpose of identifying you as the source of your Courses and will inure to your benefit. Logos may not contain any Prohibited Content. We reserve the right to remove your Logo(s) from the Site at any time in our sole discretion.

4. Teacher-Student Communication; Solicitation and Disclosure of Personal Information

You agree that you are prohibited from soliciting any personally identifiable information (such as birth date, age, government issued number, email address, phone number or home address) from any Student on Rype and that you are prohibited from disclosing such personally identifiable information to any third party. You are not allowed to obtain any personal information from your Student other than their name and country or state of residence.

5. Payment Terms for Teacher

Taxes. You are solely responsible for all applicable federal, state, local, and foreign taxes or charges imposed by any government entity, directly or indirectly, in connection with your enrollment as a Teacher.

Withholding or Delaying Disbursement of Funds. If we reasonably conclude based on information available to us that your actions and/or performance in connection with the Courses may result in a significant number of disputes, refunds or other claims from users who have booked a Lesson with you, we reserve the right to delay initiating the payment to your Paypal Account for the shorter of either 30 days following the initial date of suspension or completion of an investigation. If we believe that you may have violated the Terms (including the Privacy Policy and these Teacher Terms), we may refuse to disburse the funds accrued in your Account and/or debit such funds from your Account. We will not be liable to you if we act in accordance with the provisions of this Section.


Teachers are required to reach a minimum of $100 USD in earnings before payment is sent out. If your pay does not reach the minimum $100 threshold in a given month, it will be accumulated into the next month’s pay calculation until you reach the minimum threshold.

7. Rype’s Rights Regarding Funds

We may earn interest or other compensation from the balances in our bank accounts that result from the timing difference between the payment for a purchased Course and the disbursement of the corresponding funds to you. You are not entitled to any such interest or other compensation.

We reserve the right to seek reimbursement from you if we, in our sole discretion, (a) provide a refund to a Student if you cannot promptly deliver the purchased Course, or (b) discover erroneous or duplicate transactions. You authorize us to obtain such reimbursement by deducting from future payments owed to you, reversing any credits to your Account, debiting your bank account, or seeking such reimbursement from you by any other lawful means.

As a security measure, we may, but are not required to, impose transaction limits on some or all Students and Teachers relating to the value of any transaction or disbursement, the cumulative value of all transactions or disbursements during a period of time, or the number of transactions per day or other period of time. We will impose these limits before any services are rendered. We will not be liable to you: (i) if we do not proceed with a transaction or disbursement that would exceed any limit established by us for a security reason, or (ii) if we permit a Student to withdraw from a transaction because our payment service is unavailable following the commencement of a transaction.

8. Customer Complaints; Refunds

Any Student who is dissatisfied with your Course is required to contact you directly through the Site regarding any issues or complaints. You must resolve any issue or complaint with the Student. We shall have the right, in our sole discretion, (a) to offer a refund to the original form of payment used, or reverse an entire purchase transaction; and (b) to designate who shall bear the expenses resulting from any such actions.

9. Modification or Deletion of Content or Courses

You may choose from time to time to remove or modify any Content or Courses that you previously posted or offered on the Site.

10. Teacher Non-Performance

You are expected to perform in a manner that results in a consistently high level of Student satisfaction. You are in breach of these Teacher Terms if you (a) fail to deliver any Course for which payment was accepted; (b) misrepresent a Course by not meeting the terms and description provided in the listing; (c) post any Prohibited Content or perform any Prohibited Conduct under the Terms; and (d) fail to take commercially reasonable efforts to resolve any dispute with a Student.

11. Code of Conduct for Teachers

We believe in the value of education and the learning process one goes through to obtain knowledge. As a company, we do not condone plagiarism, copyright infringement or inappropriate teaching methods and will deactivate the account of anyone knowingly engaging in such conduct.

Additionally, if at any point you feel the instruction you are providing or the feedback you are being asked to provide is being used inappropriately by the student, you should not hesitate to end a session and/or cancel the student’s order and notify us immediately via the feedback form or live chat.

12. Taking students off of Rype

Rype does not tolerate teachers trying to take students off of Rype. Teachers who are caught attempting to take students off the system will have their accounts deactivated. Rype will also confiscate any earned payments via Rype as well as delete all your lesson and teaching history. Depending on the circumstances, Rype will also have the right to take legal actions against any teacher that violates this agreement. Do not do this.

13. Promoting other language services

Rype understands and accepts that teachers may not teach exclusively on Rype and may work full or part time at other language training companies. However, when teaching on Rype, teachers are not allowed to promote or represent these other companies. If you are promoting another company, particularly a competing company, or your individual services off of Rype, this will lead to your account being deactivated, forfeiture of your earned payments on Rype, and deletion of your history.

At Rype, if you are a good teacher, there is no reason why you should be working for another company. Quite simply, you should only work for yourself. You should be able to earn your own money and have complete control over your teaching schedule.

14. Remedies

If in our judgment your transactions and activities on the Site create unacceptable levels of Student dissatisfaction or if you violate the Terms or these Teacher Terms, we reserve the right to take any of the following actions, as may be appropriate in our sole discretion: (1) cancel your listed Account; (2) limit Account privileges; (3) suspend or terminate your Account; (4) adjust your payment summary balance and withhold all payments; and/or (5) contact law enforcement.

15. Rating Maintenance

In order to uphold the quality of learning experience that we promise our students, teachers on Rype are required to maintain a 4.0 rating or higher at all times out of 5.0. Ratings are gathered from students anonymously on our membership platform, and will be analyzed at the end of every month.

If you are have a rating that’s lower than 4.0 at the end of the month, then you will have a 30-day period to increase your rating up to 4.0 or higher. If teachers are unable to maintain a 4.0 rating after the 30-day period, Rype reserves the right to terminate or suspend any teacher that does not meet this criteria.

16. ATTENDANCE and Cancellation POLICY

Teachers are not allowed to cancel or reschedule lessons within 6 hours of the lesson start time. If a teacher cancels or reschedules a lesson within 6 hours or does not show up for the lesson, this counts as a ‘penalty’. Teachers are allowed up to 6 penalties within a 6 month period, and teachers who have more than 6 penalties may be terminated immediately.

There is a fee for each penalty, where $20 will be deducted from the teacher’s upcoming pay. Teachers are able to dispute this penalty fee for Rype to investiagate before making a final decision.