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A’s to Your Frequent Q’s

What's the 7-day trial?

We created the free 7-day trial so you can have the opportunity to experience for yourself what Rype has to offer, completely risk-free.

How much time is required to learn with Rype?

From the hundreds of students that we’ve gathered data from, students on the GO plan spend ~2 hours/week learning, and students on the X plan spend ~3 to 4 hours/week learning.

If you break that down, that’s 15 mins/day for the GO plan, and 30 mins/day for the X plan. Since all the lessons are online, you never have to commute to learn

Does Rype work for beginners?

Rype will work for you, whether you’re an advanced speaker or a total beginner. We offer a complete package that takes you from zero knowledge to advanced learner!

We personalize your learning experience by getting to know you, your goals, and proficiency upfront, then have our coaches craft a customized lesson plan to fit your specific needs.

Can I pause or switch my plans at anytime?

Yes! You can decide to take some time off if you know that you’ll be away on vacation (congrats!), busy with work projects, studying for exams, etc. Or you can decide to switch your plan/language at anytime inside your membership portal.

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