Speak a New Language From Day 1 (Without Being Judged)


  • Rype announces new product to help you speak a new language from day 1 without being judged

  • The new app, Rype GO, uses AI-powered speaking lessons that feel like real-life conversations

  • Pre-orders now available on Kickstarter to get up to 70% off

  • Set to launch end of 2019

Today, Rype announces that it will launch a new language app that uses AI to help you speak a new language without being judged. The app is estimated to launch at the end of 2019, and pre-orders are available now on Kickstarter.

Rype GO is solving one of the biggest problems that every language learner has when they first speak a new language: the fear of being judged or embarrassed. The issue with existing language apps today is that you’re primarily only using your fingers. The new app will use AI-powered speaking lessons that feel like real-life conversations you’ll have with a native speaker or a friend. You’ll get instant feedback to know whether you’re on the track through Rype’s speech recognition technology

“At this point, we’ve heard from thousands of active language learners in our community. The #1 struggle for new language learners is overcoming the fear of being judged when they first start speaking,” says Sean Kim, CEO of Rype. “Rype GO will empower anyone to speak confidently from day 1 because they can practice real-life conversations from anywhere, at anytime.”

Rype GO users will also watch bite-sized and engaging video lessons that the company has produced in-studio. “We wanted to modernize the journey of learning a new language that today’s generation of learners can relate to,” says Kim. “On Rype GO, instead of learning how to spell pineapple, you’ll learn how to have engaging conversations at a party, how to order at a restaurant, and even how to ask someone out.”

The new app will be a complement to Rype’s existing teacher marketplace, where users can get personalized help and real human interaction on-demand. By fully integrating both of these products into one platform, teachers will know the student’s previous learning history, progress, and where they’re struggling specifically.

Rype GO is available for pre-orders now on Kickstarter.