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French Lessons in SF

With around 220 million speakers worldwide, Le Français is a widely useful language to learn. Through Rype, taking French lessons in San Francisco has never been more accessible. We help you learn this beautiful language with ease and see to it that you quickly become fluent.

San Francisco has a strong Francophone community, with the language being heard all around the city. In order to learn it yourself, only a few simple steps are needed.

Through our accessible and affordable online platform, language lessons in this city have become so much more enjoyable than ever before.


Facts About French In San Francisco

  • The city holds roughly 8,825 French speakers
  • Native speakers make up a 1% share of the city’s population
  • It is the 6th most commonly spoken language in San Francisco
  • The first French immigrants arrived in the city in 1851


The French Quarter in San Francisco

San Francisco is home to a vibrant French Quarter. It is where the original San Francisco French settlers arrived, and today the area is the pulse of French culture in this city. The eastern edge of the area starts around 352 Grant/Bush and runs along to Belden Place.


Top 5 Real French Spots in the French Quarter

  • Cafe de la Presse
  • Notre Dames des Victoires
  • Cafe Claude
  • Cafe Bastille
  • La Fusion

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Why Take French Lessons in San Francisco With Rype


Take lessons customized to your needs

No matter what level of learning or what understanding you have of the language, we will be there for you. We make sure that anybody can take and enjoy our lessons. Our quality tutors are highly trained for any student and can assure that you will always leave lessons smarter.

All of our lessons are short and personalized. Through our 1-on-1 approach with your personally selected tutor, we make sure that the focus is on you. We discuss your goals and language needs on your first class and make sure to continue your learning program with these in mind.

Through this personalized approach, taking San Francisco French lessons has never been more effective. It is much quicker than learning through traditional classroom teaching, as we focus on the students’ needs. Our lessons are also more enjoyable and rewarding due to them being centered around you.


Choose from our amazing tutors

Before starting any lessons with us, you first need to pick your own teacher. While San Francisco French tutors may not always suit your needs, at Rype we make sure that this is not the case.

Through our handy ratings and review system, you can learn all about our tutors before you start. You can then book a trial lesson to make sure you have the right teacher.

We carefully select each of our tutors. They are all native language speakers, are highly trained, friendly and passionate. We believe that great learning starts with a great tutor.


Affordable rates

Taking French classes in San Francisco can be expensive. This is why we offer the most affordable and competitive prices on the market. We believe that everybody should be able to learn a language which is why our lessons are not as expensive as traditional learning settings. Our useful online platform also allows you to cut costs on commuting and saves you time.

Our personalized classes are so effective that they also tend to achieve faster results. This means less learning time and less money spent on taking classes.


Choose your schedule

Learning online means that you get to pick exactly when and where you want to learn from. This means you can fit lessons into your schedule no matter how busy you are.

No need to change your routine or inconvenience yourself to catch a class. Our 30-minute lessons can be taken whenever you have some free time. As long as you are connected online, they can also be done anywhere. Our unrestricted lessons give you more freedom and time to fit the things that matter into your busy life.


Learning Le Français In The City

Whether it is a trip to a bistro in the French Quarter or joining in on the exciting Bastille day celebrations, there are so many ways to continue your San Francisco language lessons away from our amazing platform. There is a strong Francophone community in The City with various meetup groups. These groups allow you to practice your conversational skills in real, social situations.

Alternatively, keep an eye on the French American Cultural Society to join in on fun focused events and activities in your area.

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