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Tony Amoyal

Tony came to Rype after trying out several different solutions to learn Spanish. He wanted a simple-to-use platform that he could take on-the-go while he was traveling, and have the ability to learn wherever he goes.

Before Tony discovered Rype, he was working with a local tutor in-person, but he had two main issues with it:

1) Time spent commuting
2) Inability to learn while traveling

As an avid traveller and online entrepreneur, he wanted to become a Rype member to have the freedom to learn wherever he is in the world, while maintaining his flexible lifestyle. More importantly, like every entrepreneur, saving time was high on Tony’s priority list, and commuting thirty minutes each way (one hour per session) was not an ideal situation for him.

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Phase 1: Personal matchmaking

After understanding Tony’s situation, his learning style, and the previous methods he used that led him to quit, our Rype concierge team got to work.

Here are the 3 core factors we used to match Tony:

  1. 1. Tony was living in Buenos Aires and was already used to the Argentinian Spanish that he learned there.
  2. 2. He was travelling back and forth from The United States to Spain, so finding a coach in a similar Timezone was important. 
  3. 3. Lastly, Tony was not a complete beginner. He already had the basic knowledge of Spanish learned from school and his previous local teacher. Tony needed a coach that had experience working with students who wanted to go from conversation proficiency to mastery. 



Phase 2: Enter Tony’s Rype Coach: Mariel

Once we understood Tony’s needs and desires, we narrowed down our pool of handpicked coaches, and connected Tony with Mariel to try out a free, complementary session with her. While we had other prioritized coaches ready-to-go, Tony was already excited about starting his journey with his matched coach, Mariel.

Mariel is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with over 7 years of professional teaching experience, and a background in foreign language translations. Her specialized experience working with foreign students who were conversationally proficient, and her common interest of traveling matched with Tony perfectly. 

Phase 3: Accelerated Learning & Continuous Accountability

Now that Tony was making progress with his coach, our goal was to support him in accelerating his learning and keeping him accountable every step of the way. As a member of Rype, Tony gained access to our full coaching benefits, including his personalized feedback documents after each lesson. This gave him the framework necessary to review his mistakes during the lesson, and keep him immersed in between the sessions.

Tony’s Final Words to You:

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