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Hannah Loening

Hannah came to Rype because she wanted to learn Spanish to prepare for her International Business career ahead. She needed a language platform that provided flexible scheduling to accommodate her full-time student schedule, and experienced teachers to help her learn as quickly as possible before her graduation.

Before Hannah discovered Rype, she tried learning Spanish through school courses and various online programs/courses.

She was no longer satisfied because of 3 core problems:

1. Lack of time & flexible scheduling
2. High costs
3. Ineffectiveness

Hannah understood the importance of learning a foreign language to thrive in the world of business, and was willing to invest in her future success. But after spending over $3,400 and several years investing in online programs, courses, and school curriculums with little progress to show, she felt frustrated and unmotivated.

Here’s how Rype helped.

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MBA Student at UCLA
"When I first joined Rype, I didn't know a word of Spanish. I went from zero knowledge to conversational fluency in just three months."

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Reached conversation fluency in

3 Months

$ Saved Using Rype

Saved 290 $ Per Month

Phase 1: Understanding Hannah’s needs

Our initial phase was to deeply understand Hannah’s goals and helping her refine what her desired end-result is.

After digging deeper, we learned that Hannah’s vision was to graduate from her MBA program, and explore opportunities to work Internationally in Spain. Barcelona and Madrid were the top 2 cities on her radar, and the opportunities, lifestyle, and culture in these cities have been the fuel driving her motivation to learn Spanish.

We knew that matching Hannah with a native coach from Spain was ideal, but we needed to narrow down our selection to someone who specialized in taking foreign students from beginner to conversational fluency. 



Phase 2: Enter Cristina

We decided to match Hannah with our coach Cristina, who has over 12 years of professional experience teaching Spanish to foreigners, and a Masters degree in foreign language teaching.

With the ability to speak fluent English, and living in Madrid, she was the perfect fit for who Hannah needed to achieve her goals.

To help Hannah get the most effective results before her graduation, Cristina initially focused on helping Hannah become familiar with the most common Spanish words using online tools, while training her to practice them during conversation sessions.

Phase 3: Accelerated Learning Beyond the Private Sessions

Hannah was taking about 5-6 sessions per week, but she wanted to immerse herself even further beyond her sessions with Cristina. She took advantage of our weekly live classes, where she had the opportunity to practice her conversation, grammar, and vocabulary skills with fellow students.

In addition to the live classes, she made the commitment to go through The Rype Vault, which contains Spanish classes that have been prepared and recorded by our top coaches.

Hannah’s Final Result:

Reached conversation fluency in

3 Months
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