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Taking a lesson on Rype takes 1/2 the time as…


  • An average episode watched on Netflix
  • Drying your laundry every week
  • Your daily commute to and from work

There’s no better investment in the world than your own education

A Rype membership costs less than…


  • A coffee a day at your local Starbucks
  • 1/2 of a budget spent on junk food
  • 1/10th of a private lesson at a language school

Have more than 5+ people that want to use Rype? Contact us to get a group discount!

How much time is required to learn a language with you?

From the hundreds of students that we’ve gathered data from, students on the Daily plan spend ~2 hours/week learning, and students on the PRO plan spend ~3 to 4 hours/week learning. If you break that down, that’s 15 mins/day for the Daily plan, and 30 mins/day for the PRO plan. Since all the lessons are online, you never have to commute to learn.

How's the difference in cost between Rype and a language school?

The difference is huge. This is because we’ve taken out the middleman and connect you directly with teachers. We also don’t incur the expenses that a language school would normally, like real estate, insurance, administration, and more, which means we can offer more value for less. Try out our free calculator tool to see just how much you’ll save.

How will the private sessions go with my language coach?

The short answer is: however you want! Your one-on-one lessons with your language coach can happen on your phone, tablet, desktop, and you can choose to keep it just audio or with video. The lesson structure itself will depend on your goals, current proficiency level, and needs, which your coach will customize for you when you get started.

I'm just getting started in learning Spanish/French - should I sign up for Rype, or wait?

Rype will work for you, whether you’re an advanced speaker or completely new at Spanish/French. The reason is, we personalize your learning experience by getting to know you, your goals, and proficiency upfront, then have our coaches craft a customized lesson plan to fit your specific needs. In fact, most Rypers start out as complete beginners and leave as seasoned pros!

Is there a set curriculum or lesson plan that Rype uses?

Yes, there is a lesson plan you will go through, but there isn’t a one-size-fits-all curriculum that we put our students through. The main reason for this is, unlike language schools, Rype delivers one-on-one private lessons with a dedicated coach. This means that instead of a broad, general lesson plan, we learn about your needs, goals, and proficiency upfront, and our coaches will tailor a customized lesson plan to fit your exact needs.

What tools or technologies do I need to start?

All you need is a Wifi connection and Skype/Google Hangout!

Our lesson experience is powered by two of the most powerful communication technologies out there (Skype or Google Hangout), so you don’t have to worry about downloading anything new.

Why do you ask for my credit card?

We ask for your credit card to prevent interruption of your Rype account and scheduled lessons if you decide to keep your membership active once your trial expires. Your credit card will not be charged during your 14-day trial. If you decide that Rype isn’t for you, you can choose to cancel anytime during your trial.

Can I pause during my membership?

Yes! As busy learners ourselves, we get that students have life events that come up such as vacations, weddings, exams, etc. This is why we allow you to pause or hold your membership at anytime during your membership for up to 2 months with zero additional fees. You only pay when you’re using Rype.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ Help Section.

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