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Spanish Lessons in Phoenix, AZ

Spanish is a global language, and also one of the most commonly spoken languages in the United States, especially in the southern region of California and Arizona, which are right on the border of Mexico. With a rich history of Spanish settlement so close by and a large Hispanic population of its own, taking Spanish lessons in Phoenix will give you an added linguistic advantage in a city with almost half a million native speaking residents. It can be a challenge to get into the routine of learning a new language, especially if you’ve never learned one before. However, if you use the Rype platform, finding the tools and support to learn or improve your Spanish speaking skills has never been more simple or convenient. If you’re reading this page, you’re obviously keen to get started and rest assured, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with a number of different tutors to make sure you have the most engaging learning experience. To make sure you’re making the right choice of tutor, you can also have a look at all of our user reviews and ratings.

Facts about Spanish in Phoenix

  • According to Data USA, 43.8% of the Phoenix population is Hispanic, close to half of the city’s residents
  • There are almost half a million Spanish speakers in Phoenix (430,812 to be exact)
  • Spanish missionaries came to the Arizona area in the 16th century to colonize what was then known as New Spain. As you can see, there is a long history of Spanish settlement in the area.
  • With a large Hispanic population, there are a number of Spanish radio stations in Phoenix, such as KCCF-FM, KHOT-FM, and KOMR-FM
  • The distance between Phoenix and the Mexican border is 363.5 miles, which means it’s about a day’s drive to a Spanish-speaking country from the city.


Well known Spanish speaking neighborhoods in the city

  1. Maryvale – 76%
  2. Estrella – 74%
  3. South Mountain – 63%
  4. Central City – 60%


Hispanic culture in Phoenix

Phoenix has a large Hispanic population and predominance of Spanish-speaking residents so it won’t be difficult at all to practice your language skills outside of the learning environment. With the help of structured Spanish classes in Phoenix, you can also develop a newfound appreciation for the local Hispanic culture, while engaging with your Phoenix Spanish tutors. With so much Spanish-speaking heritage in the greater Arizona region too, you’ll find it easy to get involved in a variety of activities that will help you practice and learn more about the language, if you’re willing to get out and about. Events to attend outside of the classroom in Phoenix include annual celebrations like Cinco de Mayo (May), which has taken place in downtown Phoenix for the last 25 years. Another important event on the Hispanic calendar is Dia de Los Muertos (November), which is commemorated in various parts of the city, like St. Mary’s Basilica and the Desert Botanical Garden. To get a more regular and exciting experience of a Mexican tradition, go to a traditional charreada or Mexican rodeo at Rancho Ochoa, a rodeo arena in the southwestern part of Phoenix.

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