Our Story
The language company that's fixing language learning.

Every company starts with a problem.

Like most of you, we’ve had to choose between paying for overpriced classes that drain our wallets, or toying with cheap apps that drain our precious time. We knew there had to be a third option. A better way.

We created Rype to change that. Dare we say… transform it: introducing quality private language lessons at a fair price. 


That’s the price of Rype compared to a leading language school. For better value. By connecting you directly online, we can offer premium lessons at a fair price accessible to you, your aunt Betty, and uncle Tom.

Let’s not overpay for lessons again.

Time is precious

And we don’t want to waste yours. That’s why we designed Rype with the ‘busy Joe and Suzy’ in mind with 30-min bite-sized lessons, online learning, and 20 hours/7 day availability. By removing dreadful commutes, long lectures, and fixed scheduling, you can learn a language in 1/8th of the time compared to a language school.

Quality around the world.

If there’s one thing we care most about, it’s quality.
Our team of professional language teachers span across the globe in over 50+ cities and growing. With an average of 5+ years of professional teaching experience, every teacher at Rype is fully vetted, hand-selected, and continuously monitored to maintain the highest quality learning experience for you.

"Languages are learnt with humans, not algorithms"

Languages were designed for us to connect with each other. We hire only native speakers, which makes a Rype lesson as much of a cultural discovery experience as it is a language learning experience. As many students have shared, it’s the closest thing to living and making friends in a foreign country.

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