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German Lessons in Munich

If you are living in, working in, or just visiting Munich then learning German is essential. Whether you are looking to get a basic grasp of the language or to speak Deutsche fluently like a local, Rype has you covered.

Our user-friendly online lessons provide the perfect learning platform for anyone. No matter what level of learning you are at, how busy you are, or where you are based, German lessons in Munich could not get more convenient.

It only takes a moment to sign up for your free 7 day trial period. After this, you will soon start seeing results. Learning a new language through our app really is the best way to go.


Facts About German In Munich

  • German is, of course, the official language of Munich. It is spoken all over the city and is the only official language in Germany
  • While standard German is the dominant language in Munich, many people speak with a strong Bavarian dialect
  • 95% of the country’s population speak it as their first language


Learning to Speak German around the city

While our tutors will supply you with a strong grasp of the language, German classes in Munich can be taken away from your usual learning schedule. Exploring the city will really help you to put your newly learned vocabulary to the test.

As Deutsche is spoken all over this Bavarian city, any place you go provides an opportunity to test your conversational skills. Visit one of the many traditional Bavarian restaurants and order yourself a bratwurst and a weiss beer entirely in the native language. Speaking to people in a restaurant is a useful way to polish your conversational skills.

If you are able to attend the annual Oktoberfest, you will have an ideal opportunity to speak the local language. This lively beer festival will not only be a great cultural experience of Munich, but it will immerse you into Bavarian tradition. Practicing speaking German here is the perfect opportunity for you.

The Altstadt is Munich’s Medieval old town. This ancient part of the city offers some of the best local history, culture, and tradition. Of course, this is a fantastic area to put your conversation skills into practice.

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Why Take German Lessons In Munich With Rype


We offer total freedom

Traditional classroom-based German lessons in Munich can often inhibit your life. Learning this way can often take up a great deal of time and energy from your schedule.

Through our platform, you are able to take your classes wherever and whenever you want. Our easy to use online lessons can be scheduled on the same day. This means that learning a new language with us can be slotted into your lifestyle with absolute ease.

We give you the freedom to choose and manage your own schedule. This gives you more time and simplifies your lifestyle.


We have the best tutors

Learning a new language is best achieved with the right teacher and this is something we are very aware of. Our tutors each go through a careful selection process based on their academic and training backgrounds. They are all native speakers, friendly, and trained for the job.

Our learning platform gives you the power to choose your own tutor. By going through our system of user ratings and reviews, you can select the absolute best Munich German tutor for your needs. This will make your lessons far more enjoyable.


Personalized lessons

All of our lessons are personalized to the student. This means that we consider all of your needs, and work with them to create lessons best suited to each individual.

As every class is a 1-on-1 situation, the focus will always be on you. Less time is wasted here, and learning becomes more efficient. Through this immersive style, results are achieved much faster.


Affordable learning

Taking Deutsche lessons has never been more affordable than through our platform. We make sure that our prices are competitive, and that learning a language through us is as affordable as possible.

With faster results, no transport and moving required, and no need to commit to a classroom, our online platform works out to be far cheaper than traditional learning.


Who Should Learn German With Rype

We make sure that learning with us is affordable, easy to manage, and personalized. This means that absolutely everyone will suit our teaching platform. It doesn’t matter where you are based, what kind of language background you have, or how tight your schedule is, learning on our platform will suit you.

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