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Spanish Lessons in Madrid

Learning to speak Spanish is quickly becoming a popular and advantageous thing to add to your skill set. With the language and its speakers demographic constantly expanding, taking Spanish lessons can be a great way to expand your own horizons. Where better, then, to learn the language than in the very heart of Spain?

With Rype, you can take Spanish lessons in Madrid according to your own schedule and goals. With our easy to use online digital platform, accessing language lessons has never been easier! Take a look at our success stories to find out why our app is becoming one of the most popular ways to learn a new language.


Facts About Spanish In Madrid

  • As the central capital of Spain, Madrid’s official language is Spanish and is home to almost 3.2 million people
  • The type of Español spoken in Madrid is regarded as modern Castilian Spanish. This variety of the language is considered a standardized and original form of the lingua franca.
  • There are also many Latin American immigrants in Madrid. These people, along with Hispanic people from across the country, make up the diverse accents found in the cosmopolitan city.
  • The city is also home to headquarters for the Association of Academies of the Spanish language. This association focuses on the growth and unity of Spanish speakers across the globe through literary publications and reference works.


Take Español outside of the classroom in Madrid

Across the city, the language is spoken wherever you may go. For tourists, English is understood and spoken on a base level. However, for a truly immersive living experience in Spain’s largest city, learning to speak the language is a must. From social encounters to business endeavors, being able to speak Español in Madrid is one of the most rewarding experiences a non-native speaking resident can take on.

There are many places across Madrid that you can take your newly acquired skills once you are confident enough. Not only is the entire city a hub for Spanish culture, but there are also many places and events to visit for a heightened experience. For instance, Madrid is host to a number of Spanish film festivals. Alternatively, you can visit one of the many cinemas in the city that showcase some of the country’s best films.

Madrid nightlife is legendary, and festivals are held across the city on a regular basis. You can visit Puerta del Sol where museums, restaurants, theaters, and shopping centers can be found. This area of Madrid is regarded as the heart of both the city as well as of Spain itself. It is here that you can immerse yourself fully in Spanish culture and language.

No matter where you are in the city, its vibrant people and neighborhoods will allow you to practice your Español on a daily basis.

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Why Take Spanish Lessons In Madrid With Rype?

We are proud to be able to offer you the best and most helpful language lessons available. Furthermore, there are a number of reasons to choose us for your learning experience as you begin to tackle a new language:


Our classes are affordable and easy to access

Because we operate over an online digital platform, your classes will be far more affordable than those found in a classroom or at a language school. It is also convenient to be able to access your lessons wherever you are with a data or WiFi connection.  No matter what the time is or where you are, our services are available to people with different kinds of schedules and busy days.


We have tutors dedicated to your success

Our tutors go through extensive interviewing – we want to ensure that your teacher is as dedicated and qualified as possible. Your lessons are one-on-one, which allows you to develop a personal and professional repertoire with your tutor and easily voice your goals.


You can tailor your lessons to suit your goals and surroundings

In Madrid and indeed all over the world, the way that the Spanish language operates is often specific to a particular location. We take this into account to ensure that you will be able to navigate your surroundings to the best of your ability. We also take your own goals and proficiency levels into account in order to tailor your lessons specifically to you.


Who Should Take Language Lessons With Us?

There is no specific client for our services. Because of our flexible system, it is open to everyone wishing to learn Spanish! Therefore we welcome people of all proficiency levels, with many different kinds of goals and ambitions.

Simply log on to our app today. Within minutes you will be learning a new language and paving a way for new opportunities in your future in the city of Madrid.

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