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Spanish Greetings

Overview: In this free Spanish conversation lesson, Elkin will share the basic Spanish greetings that you can use when you’re meeting someone for the first time or when you’re meeting a fellow friend or acquaintance.
Who it’s for: Individuals interested in learning new ways to greet people or reviewing greetings they have learned before.
Skill level: For beginners. This is great if you want to improve your social skills and learn the fundamental basics of greeting.


Most Common Greetings in Spanish

1. Como estas? → How are you?

A. (Muy) bien, gracias. Y tu? —  (Very) well, thank you. And you?
B. Excelente, gracias. —  Excellent, thank you.

2. Como te llamas? → What’s your name?

A. Mi nombre es _____.  —  My name is______.
B. Me llamo _____. —  My name is _____.

3. Hablas espanol? → Do you speak Spanish?

A. Si, hablo espanol. —  Yes, I speak Spanish.
B. No, no hablo espanol. —  No, I don’t speak Spanish

4. De donde eres? → Where are you from?

A. Soy de _____. —  I am from _____.
Example: Soy de los Estados Unidos. —  I am from the United States.

5. Que te gusta hacer? → What do you like to do?

A. Me gusta _____. —  I like ____.
Example: Me gusta ir a cine. —  I like to go to the cinema/movies.

6. Que tipo de comida te gusta? → What type of food do you like?

A. Me gusta la comida _____. —  I like ______.
Example: Me gusta la comida china. —  I like chinese food.

*Bonus: Que es lo que mas te gusta de ______? → What do you like most about _____?
Example: Que es lo que mas te gusta de Colombia? → What do you like most about Colombia?

A. Lo que mas me gusta de Colombia es ______. —  What I like most about Colombia ______.

We hope you enjoyed these common greetings in Spanish. The key takeaway here should be that you want to be the one asking the question first, because native speakers won’t be able to recognize whether or not you can speak Spanish or not.

Which of these greetings in Spanish were your favorite?