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Language Lessons Online

Learn a language online with professional language teachers around the world. Book Spanish, French, English lessons, and more, at any time of the day, anywhere you are.

Why Learn a Language?

People learn a language for different reasons. Some of us learn it to advance our careers, while others learn it to travel the world. Whatever your main purpose is, there are proven benefits of learning a foreign language that you should know. Here are five main ones you should know:

1. Make more money. Studies from Euro London show that learning a foreign language can add 10-15% of your income. Learning how to speak Spanish has shown to add 1.5%, French adds 2.3%, and German adds 3.8%.


2. Travel like a local. When you can speak a foreign language, you don’t have to depend on traditional travel advice on the Internet. You can build direct relationships with locals in the city, and get an insider look at the best places to visit.

3. Improve your mental health. Several research points to the major benefits to the brain, including preventing common diseases like Alzheimer’s.

“Millions of people around the world acquire their second language later in life. Our study shows that bilingualism, even when acquired in adulthood, may benefit the aging brain” -Dr. Thomas Bak, University of Edinburgh

4. Better relationships. Many of us have family members, friends, and colleagues that may speak another language. One of the most effective ways to instantly connect with someone is to speak their own language.

5. Increase your confidence. Last but not least, knowing a second language (or third, fourth, etc.) will help you understand the world from a different perspective. People will see you as more interesting, you’ll be more empathetic to the differences of others, and you’ll feel more confident about who you are.

Language Lessons Online vs. In-Person?

Now that you understand the benefits of learning a language, should you learn online or in-person? This is a common debate that many people have in the language community, so we’ll share both sides of the table. Once the information is laid out, you can decide which route is right for you.



  • Learn by engaging live in-person with your teacher.
  • No need to deal with potential issues with the Internet.


  • Long commuting time to meet your teacher. This could be 15 minutes or even 60 minutes, depending on where you decide to meet.
  • Premium pricing. Since teachers also commute to meet you, they often charge a higher price per hour as well.
  • Limited to just one teacher. There’s some risk on your end because there’s no guarantee that the teacher your meeting will be a good match for your learning style.




  • Learn anywhere. With teachers around the world, you can take language lessons as long as you have a computer and WiFi.
  • Take lessons anytime. On Rype, we have teachers that teach all across the globe, which means you can find open times at any time of the day.
  • Same quality for less. With the advancement of technology today, there’s very little difference between learning a language online versus in-person. Learning online with a language teacher will cost you a fraction of a lesson at a language school since there’s no middleman.


  • Potential issues with the Internet.
  • For those who are not used to learning online, it may not feel as natural in the early stages.

Rype Has Everything You Need to Learn a Language

Rype offers language lessons for busy people. Whether you’re just getting started in learning a language or you’re an advanced learner, we can help.


Only the best language teachers

We handpick every teacher that enters into Rype’s platform so you don’t have to. Our criteria goes beyond just professional experience, as we consider personality and professionalism of our teachers. Out of 1,000 teachers that apply, only a handful are accepted into our community.


Learn 24/7: Built for busy people

Like you, we were busy professionals with little time to spare to learn a new skill. We wanted to scratch our own itch by designing a language lesson experience for the busiest person. Lessons are as little as 30 minutes long, and you can book lessons any time of the day, any day of the week.


Personalized Language Program

We consider your specific needs, goals, and current proficiency, to design a language program customized to you. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all language curriculums, and say hello to personalized learning.

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