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The average person takes 4 years to learn a new language in school. Is there a faster way that’s proven and backed by science? Find out in this free masterclass.

In This 60-Minute Masterclass, You Will Learn:


  • The Simple Hack to Achieve Any Goal You Have in Life, and how to identify where you are today, so you can accelerate your progress. You’ll learn how to set powerful goals that will set you up for success long-term.
  • How to Find Time In Your Schedule to Learn Anything. Understanding this time saving tactic will help you become more productive, giving you the most important foundation to learn a new skill, no matter how busy you are.
  • Science-Backed Way to Learn 85%+ of a Language in 100 Days. In addition, we’ll share why traditional classrooms are wasting your time by teaching non-impactful materials, and what to focus on learning instead.
  • 8 Golden Sentences to Hack Grammar. Most people are intimated when they hear grammar rules, but we’ll show you how to remove that fear for good with this proven tactic.
  • How to Remember 90% of Everything You Learn.
  • The #1 secret weapon you need to master to ascend to the highest level of your learning and human potential. — Sean will share some of the fascinating examples of what the world’s top leaders and successful athletes have in common.
  • Sean explains all of this in a way where whether you’re advanced in your language learning journey, or just getting started….the Language Hacking Masterclass will teach you something powerful.


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