How to Speak Italian Fluently

Learn How to Speak Italian

Of course you want to learn to speak Italian. It’s one of the most beautiful languages, and it gives you access to one of the world’s richest cultures. But other than just moving to Italy and immersing yourself, how do you really gain fluency? What is your pathway? The very fact that you found this page is a huge step. And that’s because here at RYPE we’re all about getting you speaking Italian right now.


The Most Common Challenges Holding People Back from Becoming Fluent in Italian

We tend to start off each new project or goal with optimism. Whether it’s getting more fit or learning Italian, we visualize it happening, we can see ourselves hitting our goal! We’ve got it! But then what happens? How long does it take for reality to set in? It’s not a quick journey. In fact, it’s going to be a long road ahead.  And so for many people and many projects, the hardest part is getting from the idea stage to truly taking action.

The key here is to contemplate, to understand the common challenges to becoming fluent in Italian ahead of time. From there we can put everything into perspective. And we can understand how the challenges to becoming fluent in Italian are the same universal challenges facing all of us with each new skill.

  • Resources – Getting started is the toughest part. What method should you use for learning Italian? How long will it take? Will it fit into your budget?
  • Time – And what about time? Will classes fit into your schedule?  How much availability do you really have?
  • Accountability – If you do have enough time and resources to learn, what about your motivation over the long term? Will you be able to stay focused on your own, or will you need a coach, tutor, or accountability partner?

The good news?  When we created Rype, we considered every bit of this. Yes, these challenges can be tough, but we’ve solved them by creating a model that allows you to learn to speak Italian online from anywhere at anytime. Each Italian teacher on Rype has been handpicked for their excellence in communication and teaching skills.  As long as there’s an internet connection, you can learn from anywhere at anytime, taking classes online around your schedule.  And when you compare Rype to a traditional language school, you’ll only spend a fraction of the time and resources it takes to speak Italian fluently.


Benefits of Speaking Italian Fluently

You’ll find so many benefits to speaking Italian fluently. It’s very personal. Some people look for the specific travel benefits, such as gaining access to new cultures and places. Others are looking for the more subtle benefits, which include enhancing your cognitive function through proficiency in second language.  Over time these benefits can compound and spread. For now, here is an outline of the most important benefits you’ll have speaking Italian:

  • It increases your attention span. –  Scottish scientists studied how  learning a second language increases attention span.  They noted as well how this improves cognitive capabilities in  beyond language.
  • It can help you with new career opportunities – In a global marketplace, multilingual people on average have greater earning power and more upward mobility in their careers. Simply put, you’re more valuable as a multilingual job candidate.
  • It can increase your confidence – Learning Italian is an act of expression. It’s all about all about enhancing your ability to communicate and connect. No wonder a positive side effect is added confidence.
  • It can help develop deeper relationships – Being fluent in Italian means you’ll be able to interact on deeper levels with whole worlds of people that simply weren’t available without knowing their language.


10 Quick Tips for Speaking Italian Fluently

Implement these quick language tips and get started on your road to fluency today.


1. Stop being a ‘student’ in Italian.

Learning models are too heavily focused on the concept of “student” and “teacher.” What’s more, this can be counterproductive when it comes to language learning.  Consider the ultimate learners of language: babies!  Their language acquisition is faster than anyone because they simply and uninhibitedly inhabit the the sounds and rhythms around them. Learn from them. Instead of worrying overly hard on assignments, homework, etc., your goal should be to “live” in Italian.  You should be trying to hear it, speak it, immerse yourself in it all the time.  Get over the student mindset.

2. Don’t strive for Perfection.

To follow up on this idea, most “students” are actually slowed down by their own ardor when it comes to following grammar rules or pronunciation.  Ever noticed how kids often make verb conjugation mistakes? It’s perfectly fine. And it’s precisely for this reason (they’re not slowed down by these errors) that they acquire language so much faster than adults. The key is to not worry about perfect, but just try to flow in your conversation.

3. Liberate yourself from the “Mistake Fallacy.”

Another way of saying this is that you have to liberate yourself from the mistake fallacy. The mistake fallacy is the concept that success derives from not making mistakes. In fact the opposite is true. Who cares if you conjugate an Italian verb incorrectly? Native speakers appreciate your trying, that’s all that matters!

4. Enjoy speaking aloud.

The key to learning to speak Italian fluently is SPEAKING it. Find every opportunity to speak aloud, and the more fun it is, the better. Think of any and every way you can practice speaking, imitiating, conversing. Listen to podcasts, pausing and repeating what’s said. Role play in the podcast by attempt “answers” to speakers’ questions. Try this when you watch Italian movies or TV as well, “acting” in the scenes.


5. Imitate native Italian conversations.

Give yourself every opportunity to study how native Italian speakers sound in real world situations.  When you overhear them at the cafe or restaurant, key in on how they order food. Even if it doesn’t make 100% sense to you, try ordering yours the same way. This bypasses the “student’s” instinct  to translate everything before speaking, and is a powerful shortcut to fluency.


6. Practice with an Italian conversation partner or teacher.

A conversation partner or teacher helps you in so many ways. The biggest is that it gets you out of a passive mode and into real time interaction, which is what it takes to train your mind. This is the core of Rype’s model. You need that helpful coach and accountability partner.

7. Switch devices to Italian.

Filly inhabiting Italian means your phone is switched to Italian too! You need to reinforce that your mind now works in Italian with every possible queue.  Before you realize it, this will feel totally normal.


8. Watch Netflix in Italian.

After you set your phone, start watching all your entertainment — Netflix, HBO, etc. — in Italian or with Italian subtitles.  If you’re just beginning as an Italian learner this may be very challenging, but there’s a still a benefit to your brain in terms of constantly absorbing the sounds of the language. By the time you’ve reached beginner-intermediate level you should be diving deep and attempting to watch as much Italian media as you can.

9. Learn about Italian culture.

Learning anything is abstract without context. And so on your learning journey with Italian, make sure to work in what matters: the rich culture of Italy! What’s the point of learning Italian without the learning about Italian art, architecture, music, cuisine,  literature, and poetry? These will make your learning journey come alive by giving you expressions unique to found in the culture. They help you see how Italians view life, which is one of the true gems of learning Italian.


10. Travel with an Italian Crew.

Although this can make traveling a bit more challenging, it is by far the most rewarding way to go.  Travel with only Italian speaking people and you’ll supercharge your pathway to fluency. No other English speakers. It’s that simple. Yes, it will make you feel vulnerable at firs. But allowing yourself to be vulnerable is the foundation of being a good traveler and language learner.


Classic Learning Tools for Italian

These 10 quick tips for speaking Italian fluently give you a good overview. Now let’s look at some of the classic learning tools for Italian. After you review them, consider how they may work (or not) with your specific situation and learning style.


Private Italian Tutors

Extensive studies prove the most efficient way to learn anything is through immersion. That means you’re directly interacting in real time with other people.  For example, lectures (where you passively hear the information) are 5-10x less effective than being immersed in a real world environment where you have to actively engage with the information at hand.  Live tutors or teacher help you have higher retention as well as give you other benefits such as guidance and accountability. Remember that becoming fluent in Italian isn’t a sprint but a marathon, and  the right coach helps you cross the finish line. 

Italian Learning Apps

Besides private teachers,  language apps are the second way to help you speak Italian fluently. We’ve given reviews to some of the biggest apps, including Babbel and Duolingo.  Overall,  we find apps apps effective tools, but they’re best used along with — and not in place of — working with a teacher.


Italian Audio Courses and Programs

Language tapes and CDs are the old school way of learning language. You sit and listen as you drive to work. This is the epitome of passive learning. They may seem convenient, and yes they can help build vocaulary, but they’re not very effective at helping truly teach you how to speak the language.

Conversation Partners

Conversation exchanges — where you pick a native speaker of a language you want to learn and vice versa — are an interesting prospect. With the right match, they can be extremely effective because you’re both forced to interact. But obviously finding the right conversation partner can take time and patience.  And remember that with conversation exchanges, you have to split the teaching and learning 50% – 50%.


Learn to Speak Italian Online with RYPE

With all this info, now consider Rype. Our model is the fastest way to speak Italian fluently. As research proves the benefit of learning with private teachers, we’ve helped 10,000+ members speak a new language around their busy lifestyle. And best of all, our rate is way more affordable than a private language school. Here are the highlights of the major benefits we offer to our language students:

  • You can enjoy Italian speaking lessons from anywhere you are in the world (no commuting).
  • Your experience is with a native Italian teachers that you choose, (all of whom are handpicked and pre-vetted).
  • You’ll learn Italian online at any time of the day, any day of the week.
  • You’re only paying a fraction of the cost of a private language school.
  • You’ll be retaining more information and learning Italian faster.
  • You’ll be part of an exclusive community of fellow Italian language learners and global citizens.
  • Start with a risk-free trial

If you still have any questions about how Rype works or want to share any feedback, feel free to reach out at Activate your risk-free trial now and start learning Italian online today.