How to Learn a New Language: Lesson 6

The Power of Coaching

"Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen." -Pete Carroll

How to Learn a New Language Faster With Coaching


Immediate and lasting change.

This is what all of us want in our lives, whether it’s learning a new language, growing your business, or improving your health.

So how do we achieve this?

Think about how you first joined a sports team in elementary or high school.

You had a coach right?

Or think about how you first got started in a new career. Most of us either went through apprenticeships or got mentored by those who have already done it.

This ability to model someone significantly shortens the learning curve of any result you want by not only using a proven strategy that works but avoiding the costly mistakes that waste time.

This is how anyone who has done anything great, from Steve Jobs (Bill Campbell), Tony Robbins (Jim Rohn), to Warren Buffett (Benjamin Graham) became the leaders in their respective fields.

So what is a coach anyways?

In short, a coach is normally someone who has gotten the results that you seek, and is giving you the specific blueprint on how you can achieve your end-result.

Now, a coach doesn’t mean they’re necessarily better than you. Phil Jackson isn’t a better basketball player than Kobe Bryant, but he’s still the top coach in all of sports winning more championships for players than anyone in history.

What a coach brings is the ability to bring out the best in their players or students, that would have never been possible by themselves.

This is because we weren’t meant to do life alone. Without someone there to guide us every step of the way, we’re often left lost in direction and unmotivated.

“If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.”

The reason why most of us have not achieved everything we want in this world, whether it be finances, language acquisition, love, health, etc. is not because of lack of talent or resources. It’s because we quit too early.

According to best-selling author, Seth Godin:

Five Reasons You Might Fail to Become the Best in the World (In Anything)

1. You run out of time (and quit)
2. You run out of money (and quit)
3. You get scared (and quit)
4. You’re not serious about it (and quit)
5. You lose interest (and quit)

Coaching vs teaching 

Bringing this back into language learning, you can imagine the impact of language coaching versus regular teaching.

For a moment, think about all the reasons why you quit learning a language in the past. If this is your first time learning a new language, then think of all the reasons why you quit learning a new skill in the past, as these tendencies will without a doubt translate over to your language learning journey.

If you’re like 99% of people who have quit before, it’s probably because of the reasons Godin listed out: lack of drive, interest, or guidance.

This “dip” due to lack of motivation is something all of us go through several times in the process of mastery — even the best performers in the world.

We all experience a high of energy and excitement when we first start to learn something new, because this is the natural part of the “honeymoon” phase.

Without a coach or someone there to guide you, most of us go through the emotions of uncertainty all the way down to acceptance mode, which is the critical point when we stop trying and quit.

To be clear, coaching does not mean you won’t experience the dip during your language learning journey, it’s something everyone must go through.

Coaching empowers learners to not only overcome the dip when you most need it, but to maximize the result when you’re getting in the next hump. The result is that the lowest point of your future dip will still be higher than the highest point of your previous hump. And you can repeat that process over and over again, until you reach mastery.

Here’s the graph of the “Training Effect” in action.

Introducing Immersion coaching

The biggest problem with the way most of us are learning languages (or anything else today) is that it’s in an environment that doesn’t force us to apply the information we learn in an immersive state.

As research shows, it turns out that people retain:

5% of what they learn when they’ve learned from a lecture.
10% of what they learn when they’ve learned from reading.
20% of what they learn from audio-visual.
30% of what they learn when they see a demonstration
50% of what they learn when engaged in a group discussion.
75% of what they learn when they practice what they learned.
90% of what they learn when they teach someone else/use immediately.

Yet what’s the most popular method of how most of us learn?

Lecture, reading, and audio-visual. 

Think about language schools, language books, and audio programs (or free mobile apps). How impactful are these really in helping you get the results you want? Not very.

It’s exactly the opposite of what’s the most effective way to learn, and that’s the reason why we wanted to introduce immersive coaching into language learning.

Rather than putting you in a boring classroom and lecture setting, immersive coaching empowers you to immediately apply what you’ve learned while receiving immediate feedback to trigger the memory in our brain.

Have you ever experienced or seen someone who traveled to a foreign country, and picked up a new language in a matter of months? This is the power of immersion and surrounding yourself with those who know what you want.

Now, while immersion is incredibly powerful to give you that initial momentum, it’s not going to give you lasting change once you come back home. Change is temporary, but mastery is life-lasting.

This is why we created Rype.

Combining immersion and coaching into language learning, and have dedicated our brand to not only bring you immediate results but to help you reach mastery that’s long-lasting in any language you want to learn.

The best part is that it can be done at the comfort of your home, and it’s actually cheaper than what most language schools or private “tutors” charge.

Now it doesn’t have to be us that helps you reach mastery, but you need to find someone that can keep you accountable, inspired, and guided.

This can be a friend, private tutor in your local city, or an accountability partner that you find online. The criteria you want to look for is someone who’s:

1. Fluent in your target language
2. Trained in teaching and giving you professional feedback immediately
3. Keeping you accountable every step of the way

Remember that the biggest reason why most people never reaching fluency in their target language is not because of age, time, or “talent.”

It’s lack of accountability and purpose!

This is where the 30-day challenge comes in…

30-Day Challenge

1. Create a specific goal for what you want to achieve in the next 30-days.

We’ve done this exercise before in our previous lesson, but write it down again so you clarify it once more.

2. Write down all the reasons why you may quit

If we can expect why we would quit, we can prevent it before it comes.

Some reasons why you may quit (or never start):

a. Commuting to meet your private tutor or accountability partner
b. Cost
c. Lack of time
d. Lack of accountability and motivation

3. Think about all the solutions on how you can overcome the reasons why you quit, before you start!

If it’s lack of time or commuting, perhaps you can find a coach or teacher online that allows you to work from the comforts of your own home or at the office.

If it’s lack of money, it could be avoiding high-cost language schools that add in premium costs for overhead, real estate, insurance staffing, etc.

If it’s lack of accountability for why you’d quit, then it could be finding an accountability partner in addition to your coach or teacher to make sure you stay on track.

4. Find a coach or teacher (and accountability partner)

Resources to check out:

a. Rype
b. Conversation Exchange
c. Language meetups
d. Craigslist (to find private tutors in your local city)

5. Commit to 30-days of dedicated learning without giving up!!

Anything we start for the first few days can be hard. Think about a new diet, or living in a new city.

This is why we created the 30-day challenge to trigger your brain in forming a habit that will last for you.

So whether it’s finding a coach, teacher, or accountability partner to accelerate your language learning journey, make sure you stick with it for a minimum of 30-days!

You’ll find that within just a short few weeks, the process of learning a new language will shift from challenge to pleasure, simply because you’ll notice actual, impacting results in your communication skills!

There’s nothing more powerful than working with a coach, because none of us can go through life alone.

Try this for just a short 30-days and share with us the results you’ve noticed, as hundreds of fellow students from this course have already noticed.

We hope you enjoyed our beginners series on How to Learn a New Language!


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