How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills

Want to improve your English speaking skills faster?

You’re in luck. In today’s guide, we’ll share the step-by-step guide on how to improve your English, different ways you can get started, and resources you should be using.

First, let’s go over the benefits to learning English.


Benefits of learning English

As one of the most recognized languages in the world, English is a necessary language to understand if you want to live or work globally. The benefits of learning English is endless, so we’ll cover the major reasons why you should learn English today.


1. Open up new career opportunities

With the majority of the Fortune 500 companies being located in English-speaking countries, such as the United States, career opportunities are abundant as an English speaker. In addition, several non-English speaking countries host international organizes like these that are solely looking to hire English speakers.

“If you want to become successful in other countries, you need to internationalize your headquarters.” -Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO of Rakuten

In the workplace itself, being able to know and speak English fluently can give you an advantage in many different scenarios such as:

  • Business meetings: From negotiations to daily planning, being able to speak with confidence can be the difference between getting a promotion over the long run or remaining idle.
  • Customer service and sales: When serving English speaking consumers, a certain level of fluency is expected in order for the customer to feel reassured. This is even more important when it comes to sales where you’re asking the other party for money in exchange.
  • Marketing and communications: As the world of marketing moves digital, being able to communicate not just via in-person conversations but by digital formats via video, audio, and text are vitally crucial.

As the world becomes more globalized through the use of technology and communication tools online, English will become a dominant force. Even more so than it is today.


2. Enjoy entertainment and top literature

From George Orwell’s 1984 classic novel to Harry Potter, the world’s most recognized literature work was originally created in the English language. While modern translators have done their best to convert it into the respective foreign languages, it’s no comparison to understanding how it was originally created.

This extends further when we introduce modern entertainment, such as movies, TV shows, and songs through international medium outlets like Netflix and Spotify. By improving your English speaking skills, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the most popular entertainment from around the world.


3. Access the world’s best universities

Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT. These are the world’s best institutions with the top professors leading the most cutting edge research. Whether your desire is to pursue Finance, Science, Engineering, or more, attending these institutions will help you become world-class at your subject.

However, most if not all of these institutions require a minimum level of English speaking skills to qualify. Given that all the courses and lectures will be held in the English language, it’s important that you have a high level of proficiency to reap the full benefits. Even if you have the desire to one day obtain your undergrad, MBA, or Masters at a top institution, improving your English will be a fundamental requirement.


4. Easily travel the world with confidence

With over 193 countries around the world that speak dozens of different languages, it’s impossible to learn all of them fluently as you travel. However, the majority of local speakers in countries you visit will likely be able to communicate in English. As we mentioned previously, English is the most widely recognized language given its influence in media, politics, and more.

In addition, running into an English speaker whether it’s an Australian, British, or American traveller is quite likely. If traveling is a passion of yours and you have the desire to explore the seven wonders of the world (alone or with someone else), learning English will make it easier.


5. Learn similar languages to English with ease

When it comes to understanding the language family, English is closely rooted with languages in the Romance family. These languages include Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, and more. Their similarities come into effect when you’re referring to vocabulary, cognates, and general structure of the language. For example, Spanish and English share many of the same words (aka Spanish Cognates), saving you a lot of time over the long run.

Moreover, German is actually in the same language family (Germanic) as English, making it the most similar language out there.

Trust us when we say that there are many major and side benefits to learning English that we have not mentioned in today’s post. You may just have to start improving your English to find out for yourself! Which leads us to…


17 Ways for Improving Your English Speaking Skills As a Beginner

1. Watch English movies on Netflix

2. listen to English podcasts

3. Switch your phone language to English

4. Write in a daily journal in English

5. Attend local language meetups

6. Take private English lessons online

7. Learn the most common 1,000 English words

8. Sing along to your favorite English songs

9. Practice thinking in english

10. Learn the most common English slangs

11. Date someone who speaks English

12. Speak outloud to yourself

13. Attend a local toastmasters event

14. Use digital flashcards

15. Read classic novels or books in English

16. Watch your favorite English Youtuber

17. Attend plays written in English

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