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How to Learn a Language in 90 Days

Learning time: ~45-60 minutes

In this Free Masterclass, we’ll share research-backed strategies and tactics on how you can learn a language in 90 days. We’ve curated the best lessons and learning hacks from the world’s top polyglots, linguists, and researchers designed to shorten your learning time significantly.

The topics we’ll cover include:

  • How to set the right goals that will 10x your learning speed (and why the way we’ve been taught to set goals are wrong)
  • How to create more time in your busy schedule to learn anything
  • How to learn 90%+ of any language in 100 days
  • The only 8 sentences you need to understand grammar in any language
  • How to remember 90% of everything you learn
  • The secret weapon that Kobe Bryant and Bill Clinton use to achieve incredible results
1. Why Learn a Language?

There’s many reasons why we should learn a new language. From cultural to career benefits, we’re going to share the top 5 research-backed rewards you’ll reap once you learn a language. Some of these may surprise you.

2. How to Create More Time In Your Schedule to Learn a Language

One of the biggest reasons why most people never reach fluency in a language is lack of time. In this lesson, we’ll reveal a simple strategy that will allow you to create more time in your daily schedule, and sustain your learning in the long run. Finding time is easier than you think.

3. How to Learn 90%+ of Any Language in 100 Days

Most things we spend time on don’t matter in terms of our desired results. This applies to the money, resources, and time we spend in our professional and personal lives. Language learning is no different. The key is to find the few vital learnings (10-20%) that deliver the majority of our results (80-90%). We’ll share how to specifically apply this in learning a language in this lesson.

4. How to Remember 90% of Everything You Learn

Think about how much you remember from your language classes in highschool or college. If you’re like most people, it’s very little. The reason we don’t remember most of the things we learn is because studies show humans only remember 5% of what we learn from a lecture. In this lesson, we’ll share how to remember 90%.

5. What is Rype? (And Why We're Different)

What is Rype? How do we differ from language schools or the competition? We’ll share everything you need to know, the current state of the education model, and how we’re redefining the traditional system.

6. Rype FAQ

We’ve curated the top questions that students have asked us, and we answer them for you here.

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