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French Lessons In Brussels

Learning a new language can be tricky without the perfect tutor and the correct language goals. At Rype we are committed to creating personalized, informative, and engaging language courses, perfect for any learner. Our main aim is to offer you an unparalleled learning experience, combining all core aspects of the French language with unique techniques, ensuring you are getting the best French lessons in Brussels.

French tutors on Rype come from a variety of backgrounds and have undergone intense training, ensuring you will only receive the finest lessons from the most qualified professionals.

Browse our website or book a free trial lesson with one of our experienced language professionals and join our family!


Facts About French In Brussels

It is estimated that 900 000 of francophone citizens in Belgium reside in Brussels. The French community of Belgium now makes up approximately 41% of the total population. Subsequently, there is no doubt that this language is becoming increasingly necessary to speak whether you are a resident or a tourist.

Over time, Brussels has become a distinctive hub of French culture and arts drawing in natives and travelers alike. From galleries to parks and events, Brussels is the perfect location for learning this glorious language.

Visit Parc d’Egmont and find yourself in a tranquil oasis between the bustling shopping streets. Take a walk around Brussels’ old fish market near the Sainte Catherine Church and view unique art by street artist OakOak. Visit Cinema Nova located amongst the grey buildings of Rue d’Arenberg and immerse yourself in old French new wave cinema.

Our focus on the platform is to make your learning process easy and pain-free. We will give you the necessary foundation tools and then encourage you to immerse yourself in the culture around you to enhance your learning further.

With French culture alive and growing across Brussels, learning French will be as easy as saying ‘Voila!’


5 unique spots in Brussels that will transport you to Paris

  1. La Fabrique en Ville
  2. Parc d’Egmont
  3. Sainte Catherine
  4. Maison Renardy
  5. Goupil le Fol

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What sets our app apart is our unique approach to learning. We understand that in order to reach your linguistic goals, you require personalized and relevant lessons with the right teacher. Browse our website to get a feel of our diverse, highly skilled French tutors in Brussels and find your perfect fit!

We keep our classes on the platform to 30 minutes to ensure maximum information retention while still remaining fun and engaging.

We also find that when learning a new language, flexibility is of utmost importance. Our lessons are made to fit into even the busiest schedules with ease.


Outstanding teachers and unrivaled value

All our tutors come from a variety of countries and backgrounds and have extensive experience in their respective fields. Once a tutor has joined our team they are subject to rigorous assessment and training that helps ensure you receive only the best French classes in Brussels.

Through our digital platform, you are able to connect with your tutor with just a few clicks. Whether you’re on a holiday in Saint Tropez or enjoying a quiet Sunday at home our aim is to ensure you have access to your tutor 24/7.

What is unique about Rype’s French tutors is the variety of countries they come from. This guarantees that your learning will never be limited and you will be able to choose from dialects or accents that are best suited to you.

Our focus will always be to offer you premium language lessons at unbeatable prices, ensuring you are always getting a bang for your buck!

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Learning the French language can be tricky but we make it easy for you. On our platform we create the perfect language lessons with the perfect tutor, making your learning experience seamless.

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Our main aim is to facilitate this process making it as easy and hassle-free as possible. We believe by doing so, learning can be fun and accessible to anyone.

We are also excited to offer you cancellation or rescheduling at no cost. As long as you inform your tutor 12 hours prior to your lesson no charges are involved. Therefore, with us, you get full flexibility; something that most language courses cannot offer.

Not convinced? Visit our website and take a look at our many 5-star reviews. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Whether you are looking to become fluent or simply pick up something new, Rype is the place for you!

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