Honest Guide on Where to Learn French For Beginners (7 Best Ways)

So by now you've decided that learning French is a goal of yours this year. That's amazing.Most people aspire to learn any new skill and talk about it without taking any sort of action. The fact that you made the effort to search up how to get started means you're committed and ahead of most people.Now, it's worth mentioning that you may be in a different learning stage. Maybe you're relearning the language now because you've previously learned it in highschool or college. Or perhaps you know a similar language in the romance family, so you're quite familiar with the structure of how French works.If that last part confused you, let us explain.Like our own family tree, foreign languages have evolved over time but many share similar family roots. French for example, comes from the Latin language family. It has what we can call 'siblings' or 'cousins' that share the same fundamentals but have evolved over time to its own unique language makeup.These are Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian to name the most popular. This is why, if you happen to know how to speak Spanish or Italian, learning French can be an easier journey for you than if you only knew how to speak Chinese.

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Why learn French?

We've established a general idea of what stage you're at in your French learning journey. Even if you may be a complete beginner, if you already know some romance languages, you're at an advantage. If not, not to worry because French is known as one of the easiest languages to learn.You may also be surprised to know the many benefits of learning French. Most people decide that they want to start learning because it's good for their careers or because they have a partner or family member that speaks French. However, there are other side benefits that can be cherrys on top.If you're already convinced, you can skip this part and scroll down to get to the part on where to learn French.

1. Make more money

As we wrote on our most useful languages to learn article, adding French to your resume can boost up to $75,000 euros ($85,000 USD) to your earnings. With 300M French speakers and the 5th best economy for foreign investments, there's plenty of earning opportunities available.

2. Open yourself up to the world

It has been shown by research that by 2025, French will surpass German as the most popular language in Europe. More importantly, keep in mind that French goes far beyond just Europe. Over 120M French speakers are living in Africa, and it's the second language of Canada as well. Talk about a versatile global language!

3. Enjoy French entertainment like never before

The French have a unique taste when it comes to creating art, producing movies, and making music. You've probably seen or at least heard of the movie Amelie. This is just one of many thousands of movies and entertainment form that you can authentically enjoy and understand when you learn French.

4. Learn other languages faster

As we mentioned above, learning French will help you learn other Romance languages faster. More importantly, it'll help you learn just about any language faster. That's because you've obtained a blueprint on how to learn a new language, and you can simply repeat this strategy for the next. You'll also have the confidence required, which is so critical, to push through the tough and dull moments that inevitably rise up when learning a new skill.

Where to Learn French For Beginners

Alright, now we'll get to the part of the guide that you originally came for. We recommend taking action in at least one of these methods today to gain the momentum you need. Action > perfect strategy.

Learn French Online

1. Private French Tutor Online

Finding a French tutor is the go-to method for most French beginners, but we strongly recommend going online first. The main reason? Most people give up learning a new language because of lack of convenience and time. Deciding to learn something new is already a challenge for you psychologically, so why not remove any potential obstacles that will come?Learning French online has many distinctive advantages. You can learn on your own time, as teachers are available 24/7 since they're located everywhere globally. More importantly, you can learn from anywhere you are. Whether you're traveling for work, walking your dog, or simply just want to stay at home because you're tired, you can still learn with comfort.After helping thousands of learners speak a new language online, we have yet to hear the downsides of learning a language online versus in-person.Find a French tutor today on Rype (7-day free trial)

2. Language Learning Apps

We love this rise of digital language apps in the past decade. These language apps are a great complementary to your existing live 1-on-1 lessons, because they allow you to learn on-demand and on-the-go. If you've got a few minutes while commuting to work, you can open up your smartphone and learn.These apps have their limits because none will help you with your conversation and speaking skills. But if you want to improve your French grammar and vocabulary skills, they're highly recommended.

3. YouTube

You're already on YouTube watching sports and your favorite vlogger/podcast. So why not make the most of your time, and learn a new language as well?The question is: what are the best YouTube channels to learn French? We've done the research for you to get you the top 3.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are booming today, and the reasons are clear. Like listening to music, listening to a podcast is a secondary activity, whereas watching a video with your eyes requires your full attention. Many podcast listeners are most active when they're driving, working out, or going for a walk.We recommend the following podcasts to learn French on-the-go:

Learn French In-Person

The methods we shared above were strictly focused on learning French online. However, we do recognize the benefits of learning in-person with real people. You get to gauge the non-verbal body language and have the ability to build an in-person relationship.

5. Local language exchanges

Attending local meetups near your neighborhood is a great way to meet new people, but also practice your conversation skills. For obvious reasons, these are less structured and you'll be speed dating with multiple people versus a consistent structured lesson. Here are some top places to find a local language meetup:


6. Date a French person

This one may be less in your control. It also may not be the best reason to go out with someone, but hey, it's a +1 to look for when you're deciding.Without going into details, dating someone who speaks French has a natural osmosis benefit. Not only will you feel more motivated to learn French in the first place, you'll hear it everywhere you go (as long as you ask him/her to speak French).

7. Intensive French language immersion

The last and final way to learn French is through intensive immersion. We placed this on the bottom of our list of recommendations because of the hefty costs and time it requires to learn. However, if you have the time and right motivation, it could be a good fit for you.There are several forms of language immersion programs that you can embark in, including:

  • Homestay programs: this is when you live in a French speaking home (in a French speaking country), and have the ability to immerse yourself with the family members
  • Transfer to a French speaking high school or college: if you have children or are a college student, you can choose to go for a year abroad and study at another school in a French speaking country
  • Language school in your city: the other popular option is to attend an intensive language school where you live, if you can't travel abroad

Start Learning French Today

We hope you found this guide on where to learn French helpful. Any of these 7 methods can work for you, as it all depends on your learning style, preference, and personal goals. Keep in mind that these methods are also great complementaries from one another.For example, you can decide to take private French lessons, use a language app, and attend local meetups in your city on the weekends or evenings. We even encourage you to learn using multiple methods as each have their pros and cons, and focus on helping you improve different aspects of your French skills.Best of luck on your journey, and share this with a loved one to challenge them to learn with you!

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