9 Creative Ways to Learn German Conversation (Without Getting Bored)

Learning how to have a conversation in German is no easy feat. Especially when you learn it using a boring old approach.But what if we found fun, engaging, and creative ways to learn German conversation skills? The good news is, there is. Most of us have been taught how to speak a second language in a completely different way than the way we learned our first.When you learned your native language, it was through live and constant immersion. We heard it around the house before we could even speak it, and eventually you were forced to speak it. There was no concept of feeling embarrased or self-conscious as children, which is often why they can acquire a foreign language faster than adults.Now look at how we learned a second or third language when we're older. For most of us, this was by sitting down in a classroom with 30 other students in high school. You went through an outdated textbook and was assigned tests and quizzes, instead of speaking it with others.Today, with the advancement of technology and communication tools, there has never been more options to learn in a creative way. Schools have yet to catch up to the modern ways to learn German or any other language, and you can't expect them to anytime soon.That's why we're going to share the most creative ways to converse in German.

9 Creative Ways to Learn German Conversation

Let's get creative!

Date a German girl or guy

With new dating apps coming into the market every year, there are more ways to find who you're looking for. Perhaps controversial, but just for the sake of helping you learn German conversation, you could leverage their filters to find others who may speak German.Best case scenario: you've found a special lady or guy that you can call your partner. Worst case? You were able to improve your German conversation skills![caption id="attachment_20964" align="alignnone" width="500"]

Hinge app[/caption]

Grab drinks with a German native speaker

If dating to learn German is too out there for you, then how about grabbing drinks? It could be with someone who you already know or you can put yourself out there and meet Germans in-person. By using,, Facebook Events, and more, you're bound to run into German-focused events. If not, just being more aware of asking people where they're from at events will allow you to find and build relationships with German speakers!Ideally, you're able to help them in return by teaching them your native language. If not, you can always buy them a beer and they should be more than satisfied with this gesture!


Watch German movies on Netflix and repeat outloud

Are you more of the homebody that enjoys the comforts of a warm blanket on the weekends and evenings? We hear you.For the 'Netflix and Chill' types, we recommend finding movies about Germany or German made movies to watch. Luckily, with Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and other video streaming networks, there are tons of German movies you can find. Anyone a fan of Run Lola Run? you need more inspiration, we've collected our favorite German movies to watch for you.

Follow the top Youtubers in German

Netflix may be great for movies, but sometimes you just want to watch some raw entertaining content on YouTube. These shorter form entertainment with jumpcuts may be a better fit sometime. In this case, check out these top German YouTubers that provide content ranging from gaming to beauty.

Play a German game (or watch German gamers)

The world of gaming has become so big that even YouTube has a separate product called YouTube Gaming. You may also be familiar with Twitch, which Amazon now owns, and Mixer from Microsoft.If you're big into gaming, then watching the best gamers narrate their strategy in German may be one of the funnest ways to capture your attention. Pick the game that you want to improve or just want to watch for fun, and find a deutsch gamer that resonates with your style.You can start here to get the top German gamers on Twitch.

Memorize the lyrics to a catchy German song

Love to sing in the shower, in your car commute, or at a karaoke bar? Learn some catchy German songs and get familiar with the chorus lyrics. Using music to learn a new language is one of the most entertaining and effective methods. It allows you to use beats and rhythm to time your speech, and as you may know, catchy music can stick to your brain.Here's a classic song titled Deutschland for you to enjoy.

Start by learning the top German swear words

Okay, if anyone asks, we didn't recommend this. Sometimes, the dark side of our minds want to resort to learning swear words in a new language. Our belief is, if it gets you in the door to potentially learn the other beautiful parts of the language, so be it. With German being a harsher sounding language in general, you can imagine how their curse words will sound.For all the Edgar Ramirez fans out there (ladies), you're welcome. the basic German swear words in our article.

Change your online language to German

With the average person spending more than 10 hours a day in front of a screen, nearly half of our days are spent online in some form or another. This increases the impact one can receive by changing their entire online consumption to German. This includes your phone default language, Facebook, Instagram, and browser.We know, it's going to be tough. But the good news is, most browsers will offer instant translation options or you can use one of these German translator apps for German words you don't know.

Make German cuisine a part of your eating habit

Food is a large part of what distinguishes one culture from another. It explains a lot of their history, values, and interests, which is why we recommend eating the food of the language they're learning. For German, the first thing you would think of is sasauge and beers, right?Yes, and no. German cuisine has a rich history that goes far beyond making delicious sausages. Although they are quite tasty! For example, you've got Spätzle which is Swabian egg and noodles, the world famous Schnitzel, and Rouladen which is thinly sliced beef meat, topped with moustard, onions, ham and a pickle. Yummy!Check out the top 10 German foods you should know of here.To truly make the most of your German cuisine vocabulary, we recommend looking up some recipes online, and cooking a German meal for yourself, friends, or family.

Over to you

Which of these creative German learning methods will you use? Don't limit yourself to just one, as you can try multiple approaches we recommended above simultaneously. Each offer their own individual benefits, so the more boundaries you push, the faster you'll be able to learn how to speak German!

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