Rype 2: A Brand New Way to Experience Language Lessons

From day one, our goal at Rype has never changed: To offer the most convenient language learning experience in the world.

As busy professionals ourselves, we knew the 3 biggest obstacles when learning new skill(s) were:

  • Being too busy
  • Lack of effective resources
  • Affordability

So we began our journey by crafting a flat monthly subscription model where our members don't have to stress about how much they're paying per lesson. Compared to alternative solutions, this also made it significantly more affordable for the value provided, especially when you take advantage of daily lessons.Then we went a step further by handpicking the most effective language teachers via a rigorous application process. Our aim was to save our members a great deal of time and hassle. No longer did they have to worry about finding qualified teachers. They're all right here at Rype.But one last piece was necessary to make the learning process truly seamless. And that was the booking experience. We've learned that simplicity and convenience are the most important aspects for our members, who are usually busy individuals with a packed schedule. In short, they wanted to get in, book a lesson, get out, and have an easy way to keep their schedule organized in one place.And so after dozens of iterations and revisions, today we're excited to announce the beta release of Rype's new platform. We still have lots of features we'll be rolling out in the future, but for now we believe this new platform can significantly help people everywhere learn languages. Without further ado, I'd love to share the highlights.

Introducing: A Brand New Way to Experience Language Lessons

The first thing to note is that the new app was built from the ground up. Meaning, we decided to completely remove our previous application, and design/code from scratch. This allowed us to introduce new benefits, such as:

The First All-Access Language Membership (1 Membership, 7 Languages)

Moving forward, there will no longer be a Rype Spanish GO (30 mins/day), or a Rype English X (60 mins/day) plan.  It'll just be Rype GO or Rype X. That means as a member of Rype, you have access to all the languages we currently offer (and will introduce) without needing to purchase a separate subscription.If you feel like brushing up your old Spanish skills while learning a new language like French or Mandarin, you can do exactly that under just one membership. We're very excited to be pioneering this brand new model of language lessons, and we believe it's the future of how we'll learn.Languages included: English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Italian, ArabicLanguages coming soon: Japanese, Russian, Portuguese

Choose When You're Available First (Book according to your availability)

Given how busy the majority of our members are, we wanted to redesign the way lessons were being booked. Previously, members would have to go through each individual teacher to see when they're available. Now you can simply tell us:a. Which date you're available

b. What time you're availableAnd the list of teachers will update in real-time, so you know that they're available when you are.

5-Second Booking Experience (3-clicks only)

One of our key internal metrics when designing the booking experience was how many clicks/taps it takes to book a lesson after finding your teacher. With the new platform we removed as many steps as possible. Now in just 3 clicks you can book your lesson with your teacher, and manage your reservation (i.e. reschedule/cancel) in one place.

New and Featured Teachers

We added intuitive badge(s) to showcase our 'New' and 'Featured' teachers to improve your lesson experience. We hope this will make it easy to discover new teachers that you haven't yet met, while gaining some diversity in your lessons.

Everything In One Place

Lastly, you'll be able to find your reservations all in one place under 'Reservations'. In the same window, you can either:

  • Add the lesson to your calendar
  • Reschedule
  • Cancel

We'll be working to make this section even more intuitive and engaging in the future releases.

What's Next

This is the biggest change we've introduced to Rype thus far. And we think you'll like it. It's faster, smoother, and far easier to book/manage your lessons all in one place. And the core ingredients -- convenience and simplicity -- that made Rype special in the first place will be enhanced through this new booking experience.But we know there's much more to do to take Rype where we envision it going. We've already gotten amazing feedback from several people in our community. And now we'd love to hear from you.Take advantage of our free-trial offer and give it a spin here, and feel free to share your feedback/thoughts/ideas anytime by sending me an email personally at appreciation,The Rype Team


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