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A Mini-Guide to Describing Your Family in Spanish

Welcome!Ready for today's class?Today we have a lot of new and exciting vocabulary. Last time we talked about hobbies. Now, let's talk about the people we spend time with.

Talking about our family members in Spanish!

group of person eating indoors


  • brother-hermano
  • sister-hermana
  • siblings-hermanas/hermanos
  • father-padre
  • mother-madre
  • parents-madres/padres

The father of my father or my mother is: my grandfather/mi abueloThe mother of my father or mother: my grandmother/mi abuelaThe grandfather and the grandmother: my grandparents/mis abuelas/mis abuelosAll right! We saw vocabulary related to our direct family, now let's go a little further:The brother of my mother is: my uncle/mi tioThe wife of my uncle is: my aunt/mi tiaI know it's a lot of new vocabulary.Make sure to go over it on your own and practice with your own family tree.          ¡Muchas gracias!          ¡Nos vemos la próxima clase!

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