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How To Talk About Your Daily Routine in Spanish

         ¡Bienvenidos amigos!          Hoy vamos a hablar sobre tu rutina diaria  (your daily routine)          ¿Qué haces diario?Or          ¿Qué haces todos los días?Last time we learned how to describe your family. Today, we will discuss what you do day to day.

Talking about Your Daily Routine

man holding white ceramic teacup

Let's take a look of some typical daily activities:

  • Voy a trabajar - I go to work
  • Voy a la escuela - I go to school
  • Voy a comer - I go to eat

As you can see, “voy” means “to go” and you can conjugate it like this:

  • Yo voy
  • Tú vas
  • Usted va
  • Él va
  • Ella va
  • Nosotros/nosotras vamos
  • Ustedes van
  • Ellos/ellas van

When do you go to work?          ¿Cuándo vas a trabajar?          -Todos los dias (Every Day)Or          De lunes a viernes (From Monday to Friday)Let me tell you about my typical day:

  • Siempre me levanto a las 7 am (I always get up at 7am)
  • Nunca falto al trabajo (I never miss work)
  • Algunas veces voy al cine (I sometimes go to the movies)
  • Raramente voy a un bar (I rarely go to a bar)

Let's look at the frequency adverbs one more time:

  • Siempre: always
  • Todos los días: every day
  • Nunca: never
  • Algunas veces: sometimes
  • Raramente: rarely

Everyone´s routine is so different!I recommend that you write a list of your daily routine, of course, in Spanish. And make sure to add a frequency adverb to it!Thank you for joining me today!I hope these video lessons are part of your daily routine:          Aprendo español todos los díasI learn Spanish every day          ¡nos vemos!

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