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Spanish Lessons in Barcelona

If you are visiting, living, or working in Barcelona, then learning Español is an absolute necessity. By learning with Rype, you can easily find some of the best lessons available in the city. Simply sign up and book a class. It won’t take long until you are chatting fluently to the Barcelona locals in their mother tongue.

Our Barcelona Spanish tutors are carefully chosen to give you the best learning experience possible. We equip them well to make your Spanish lessons in Barcelona are something you will never forget.


Facts About Spanish In Barcelona

  • Barcelona is the second most populated municipality of Spain, holding 1.6 million Hispanic residents
  • 98% of the population in the city speaks Castilian Spanish. It is a variety of the language spoken in northern and central Spain
  • While Spanish is most commonly spoken in Barcelona, 95% of the locals understand Catalan
  • Catalan is a different language to Spanish and is spoken in 3 regions in Spain. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia


Experience Español in Barcelona

When learning the Romance language, there is no better place to absorb the language than in this renowned city. Some of your best language lessons in Barcelona will be learned while walking around and taking in the sights. You are surrounded by Spanish everywhere here and will find that real life practice is often the best teacher.

To get to grips with this lingua franca, test your skills in some of the restaurants. Try to order your tapas completely in Spanish. The waiters will appreciate your efforts and you might find yourself making friends over a glass of Sangria pretty quickly.

Maybe you have tickets to the upcoming FC Barcelona game? The local football team is one of the best known in the world and a regular Championship League winner. Get closer to the residents of the city by supporting their team and shouting encouragements in Spanish.

If you are out somewhere in the city, try to strike up a conversation with a local. As 98% of people here speak Spanish, you will just have to put the language to use. Asking for directions, tourist advice or information in Español will sharpen your conversational skills.

You can learn an immense amount about local culture at the various UNESCO World Heritage Sites and attractions in the city. However, simply conversing with the locals, translating signs, and reading everything around you can end up being the quickest way of getting to grip with a new city and language.

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Why Take Spanish Lessons In Barcelona With Rype


You can take classes anywhere

Our convenient lessons are provided to you through an online platform. This means that you can take your classes wherever is most comfortable for you. Forget worrying about traveling to a distant classroom on time. With us, your classroom can be located to where you are, making learning that much easier.

Being able to learn in different locations will also keep you inspired. Whether you are relaxing on the beach in Sant Sebastià or eating a quick sandwich in Park Güell, with an internet connection you can take your lessons in some of the best locations in the city.


More affordable than traditional classroom lessons

Because you don’t have to travel to your tutor, you save yourself fees on traveling. Additionally, our lessons are also more affordable than traditional personal one on one classes as your tutor saves on time and money traveling too.


Easy to use online platform

The easy to use online platform gives you all the power. Effortlessly manage your classes and calendar, pick your lessons, and be in control of your schedule when learning on the user-friendly online platform.

The same day availability policy means you can book a lesson in the morning and take it during your half hour lunch break in the afternoon.


A number of amazing tutors to choose from

Choose a tutor that will best suit you. We have a wide range of tutors to pick from, each with their own strengths. You can decide who teaches you, making your lessons more enjoyable.

You can read through tutor reviews and ratings to see if they are who you are looking for. If you are unsure, book a trial lesson first to make sure you have the right fit.


Proven results

The immersive learning method provided by our platform produces amazing results. When compared to traditional classroom teaching, the 1-on-1 lessons available through Rype allow you to retain knowledge better. Learning languages this way is faster and easier with the in-depth classes.

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