25 Must- Know Spanish Adjectives


Overview: In today’s free Spanish lesson we will learn 25 of the most common and useful adjectives in Spanish.

Who’s it for: People who are just beginning to learn Spanish, and are looking for a great foundation.

Skill Level: Beginners

In today’s free Spanish lesson we will learn 25 of the most useful and common Spanish adjectives. These are words you will be able to use in every day life. We have even provided common examples for you! These Spanish adjectives are the kinds of words we hardly pay attention to anymore because we use them so much. Reviewing them and making sure you know them by heart will make speaking in Spanish a lot easier and more fluent for you.

fácil = easy

Lavar los platos es fácil = Washing the dishes is easy.

Hablar español es fácil = Speaking Spanish is easy.

difícil = difficult

Recordar la letra de las canciones es difícil= Remembering the lyrics of songs is difficult.

grande = large

El patio de su casa es muy grande. = The patio of his home is very big.

Él comió una hamburgesa muy grande de un bocado. = He ate a big hamburger in one bite.

peqeño = small

Este plato es muy peqeño para mi. = This dish is too small for me.

Estos pantalones me quedan pequeños. = These pants are too small for me.

Joven = young

Todos dicen que mi madre parece muy joven. = Everybody says that my mother looks very young.

Me gustaría ser joven eternamente. = I want to be young forever.

viejo = old

Esta ropa es muy vieja. = These clothes are very old.

Él parece mucho más viejo porque fuma demasiado. = He looks much older because he smokes a lot.

nuevo = new

Este reloj es nuevo. = This watch is new.

bueno = good

Esta comida está muy buena = This food is very good

El tiempo no es muy buena hoy = The weather is not very good today

malo = bad

La bruja en ese cuento es muy mala = The witch in that tale is very bad

¿Piensas que hay gente buena y mala? = Do you think there are good and bad people?

Este estofado está muy malo = This stew is very bad

poco = a little bit

Quiero un poco de eso, por favor = I would like a bit of this, please.

Comes demasiado poco = You eat too little.

mucho = a lot of

Cocinaste mucho comida = You cooked a lot of food

Me gustaria tener mucho tiempo = I would like to have a lot of time.

Te quiero mucho = I like you a lot.

claro = clear

Es muy claro lo que signífica= It’s very clear what this means

¿Está todo claro? = Everything clear?

oscuro = dark

come to the dark side = ven al lado oscuro

importante = important

Mis amigos son muy importantes para mi= Friends are very important to me

libre = free

Este asiento está libre = This seat is free

Quiero ser libre como un pájaro = I want to be free as a bird

alto = high

Este edificio es muy alto = This building is very high

El precio está muy alto = the price is very high

bajo = low

El techo es muy bajo = the ceiling is very low

lejos = far

Mi casa está muy lejos de aquí = My house is very far from here

cerca = close

Hay un supermercado cerca de mi casa = There’s a supermarket close to my house

interesante = interesting

Learning about other cultures in interesting = Aprender de otras culturas es muy interesante

aburrido = boring

My profesora de ingles era muy aburrida = My English teacher used to be very boring

Limpiar es muy aburrida = Cleaning is very boring

largo = long

Me gusta las faltas largas = I like long skirts

corto = short

Esta redacción es muy corta = This composition is very short

limpio = clean

 Mi habitación nunca está limpia según mi madre = My room is never clean according to my mother

sucio = dirty

 Mi pelo está muy sucio = My hair is very dirty

 That’s all of the 25 Spanish adjectives, hopefully the funny examples will help you never forget them again!

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